My Intoxicating Affair

Essential reading for anyone, regardless of whether you have now, or have ever had any mental health problems, or if you know anyone who does. The wider this knowledge is spread the better: it will aid understanding amongst those who have not been affected and who may stigmatise or, worse still, mock those who do. This is a great way to support those who need help. Please read this, pass the message on and donate to support Lady F. I will, and hope you will too.

Lady Fuckwit

no-alcoholWe have a tradition, the girls and I, on New Year’s Day evening, we drink cocktails. This year I shall not be drinking, it will be the first time, besides pregnancy that I won’t be drinking alcohol. The girls are acting like someone has died, suspiciously mouthing the words ‘she is giving up alcohol’ akin to if I had a life threatening disease. Disbelieving questions such as; Not even a small glass of wine? Vodka and coke hardly counts, surely?

My husband wants to know if our sex lives will change ‘dramatically’, he wonders if it will be ‘safe’ for him to bring alcohol into the house. I’ve been asked to give my regards to the staff at the Priory and advised that I may need mental health services myself before February first. My partially contrived reputation does indeed proceed me.

I don’t drink everyday, sometimes not during the…

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