Every December Sky

I’ve just added a new page to my site, in memory of a friend who, I learned last week, died on 8th December. He was only in his mid-40s; talk about the good dying young!



I met Cal via Twitter, and we had become good friends. He was widowed several years ago and lost his mother last year, so the family has had far more than its fair share of tragedy. Cal was a Park Ranger in Arizona and had asked me to go out and stay with him after I retire later this year. He was due over in the UK this month to sort out some details in respect of his mother’s estate, as she is buried in a family plot here in Essex. We had intended to meet for a meal and drinks and plan for the future. Sadly, he wasn’t to have one. I’m not a religious person, and it makes it hard for me to understand or accept the existence of a God when such things happen. Why? I don’t intend to say much more, I just wanted to mark Cal’s life and passing, and say that I was grateful to have shared part of his brief time on earth. The page for him is the least I can do. The title for this piece is one of my favourite songs, which is apt in the circumstances and timing, I think. I have added the words to the page for Cal, and if you’d like to hear the song you can find it here, with a nice fan video:

And there’s a live performance by Beth Nielsen Chapman, who wrote the song, here:

 RIP Cal


3 thoughts on “Every December Sky

  1. Reblogged this on Take It Easy and commented:

    Two years ago today the world lost a good man, far too young. I posted this when the news filtered through, and am re-posting it today in his memory. You were a good friend, Cal, and I hope that you’ve gone to a better place.


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