World Book Day – 7th March

The logo - I hope you see it a lot

The logo – I hope you see it a lot

I thought it might make a change to feature something other than health or social care in my Days of Note – but I’m still wearing the do-gooder’s hat! Those of you with children of school age will already be aware of this, I hope, and will have received your vouchers, but if not: this Thursday, 7th March, is World Book Day.

I remember this from when my two were school age – yes, I can still remember that, just 😉 It was always a fun way of encouraging children to read something they would enjoy, and then hopefully stimulate them into reading more as a pastime. And let’s face it, in these times of many competing media, if I don’t do my bit to help where will future generations of readers of my blog come from!

Although Thursday is the nominated day there is a whole month of events. I did see a reference to an appearance by The Duchess of Cambridge but that seems to have disappeared. I guess they were afraid she might promote her sister’s book!

To quote the people themselves:

“World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind, anywhere. Millions and millions of book vouchers given out, great free books for kids, excitement everywhere (on blogs, in newspapers, on TV and in schools, libraries and, of course, bookshops), people coming together (including lots and lots of young readers) in a big, loud, happy celebration of reading. And we really do want you to help make this March 7th 2013 the best World Book Day ever.

 This is our website     and we think it’s swell, but this isn’t World Book Day’s only home on the web, oh no! In fact you can find us on Twitter, too! And Facebook! And on YouTube! And you should, because we’d like to tweet with you, and book your face and then show it videos and all sorts of exciting things!

 Websites are great aren’t they? Especially websites about things like reading. And celebrations of reading. And great big celebrations of reading with millions and millions of vouchers for free books going out to kids. But you know what’s even better than websites about great big celebrations of reading with millions of millions of vouchers for free books going out to kids? Reading. So once you’ve finished on this website why not go and read a book, even if only for a little while.”

Go on, you know it makes sense!

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