Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Look for this sign!

Look for this sign!

You may have noticed the big badge proudly displayed in my blog header for the past month. That one, up there! I hadn’t heard of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, until I was nominated for it! The beauty of this for me was that the nomination came from someone to whom I was completely new, not from a friend patting me on the back. This means a lot to me, as I started blogging at least in part because I hoped the blog would help others and because my counsellor said that he found my writing ‘inspirational.’ So that’s two people who have said that, so it must be right, mustn’t it!

My nomination was made by Rachel Kincaid. How Rachel found me, I have no idea, but I’m very pleased she did, as it has allowed me to enjoy her writing. Her own blog is mostly erotica  – what shines through for me is the clever twists that she puts into her stories and her sense of humour, which is delightful. And she writes more than just stories: her comment articles are thoughtful, intelligent, and very well written. Highly recommended.  And Rachel can also be found on Twitter: @rachelkincaid4

The rules of the Award are:

1) Display the award logo on your blogdone
Link back to the person who nominated youdone
State 7 things about yourselfI hate doing that, but if I must….
Nominate 15 other blogs and link themnot sure about 15, I’ll do a starter for 10
Notify those bloggers of their nomination and the award’s requirementsof course!

So, here goes:

Seven Things About Me

1) I’m a sucker for gadgets. I have a PC, a full set of iPod, iPad and iPhone, plus a Kindle Fire HD. And a few kitchen gadgets too – but none for the bedroom!

2) I love music, in lots of styles. But not rap (the ‘C’ is silent!)

3) I can’t swim.

4) I enjoy reading a wide range of things: newspapers, books, magazines, cereal packets, medication leaflets…

5) I’m quite shy, especially with people who are new to me.

6) I don’t forgive or forget easily.

7) I’m mostly happy with who I am and how my life is now, but I know I need to work on being a better person and a better friend.

(Fewer Than) Fifteen Other Blogs (Just click on the links to see more)

In no particular order, although no.1 is pretty special:

1) This is the one who really got me interested in the way in which bloggers express themselves on people and things that they care about. She is Cydara and her blog is so beautifully written and covers such a wide range that it is what I aspire to being able to do. Special person, special blog. But no longer on Twitter – hopefully she’ll return.

2) Kerry Stott has become a friend through her writing, her website, her internet radio show, and through being a thoroughly nice, caring person who has been very encouraging and supportive about my writing. Blessed with a wicked sense of humour too, and a laugh to match! I think you’ll find much to admire on her site. Kerry is also on Twitter @kerrystott   – and she will probably hate me for mentioning this, but she is an incredible person who has survived cancer and written a wonderful book telling her story.

3) Like me, It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong has started blogging within the past few months. Ruth is a good Twitter friend, who writes openly and from the heart about aspects of her life. Her articles are always interesting, part sad, part funny. Or both. Whichever, you should try them. On Twitter she is @Missy_Molly_Mol

4) The Bloggings of Raining Catz is my next recommendation. Tanya has a lot to put up with health-wise, but takes it all stoically and with humour. It inspires me to know that people can cope in such circumstances. Find her on Twitter too at Flaming Nora

5) Next up is Recovery Letters which was started by James to help people who, like me, are recovering from depression to understand that they are far from being alone. I was honoured to be asked to write a letter for the site – but there are plenty far better than mine here. Not been updated for a couple of months but still posting on Twitter: Recovery Letters  – hope you’re well, James.

6) Musing of a Confused Mind  has posted just three times so far, in three months. Read what she says and you’ll understand why. Heartfelt, heartbreaking, and moving. Also on Twitter as @jamesmonkey98

7) A change of style here. One Thousand Single Days is an Australian lady named Vanessa who, as the title suggests, is staying single for 1,000 days until March 2015. Her site is a mixture of stories of her life, thoughts, feelings and some music. She has masses of followers and you’ll see why – an absolute joy to read. Also on Twitter, although she rarely uses it: Vanessa Katsoolis

8) Another mixture of articles is provided by Lady Fuckwit – truth be told, I’m in awe of her writing and of her as a person. She writes brilliantly, with great sense and insights. Supportive of others – look at her inclusion of pieces on autism and mental health – and admirably raised money to support mental health in Ireland by abstaining from alcohol for the whole of January. How could you not be impressed! On Twitter as Lady Fuckwit too.

9) As befits someone who writes for a living,  Heather Hill writes a great blog. Her comedy skills shine through from the very beginning – just look at her site header! Don’t go near her son’s feet though! A lot of fun to follow, as she is on Twitter too: Hell4Heather

10) As well as Rachel, who started me off on this piece, I follow several other ‘adult’ bloggers. I’d like to include at least one of them here, so I’m going for Bad Penny for the same reason that I’ve included many others: she writes beautifully and lets her sense of humour show through. A mix of nice and naughty, and she has a lovely smile too! On Twitter, Penny can be found as @Penelope_Prose

So, I know it was supposed to be 15 but I’m leaving it here at 10 bloggers for now. All of these inspire me in some way, and I hope they do the same for you. I will come back to this and complete the set, but to be honest I’m undecided about several others. One would come as a big surprise to many people, including the blogger, but as it is a new blog I’m leaving it for a while to see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations. Thanks for reading this far! Do come back for Part 2 when I get to it 😉

4 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Well I think it’s worked now Clive fingers crossed, certainly a well deserved nomination for not only your writing, but your unselfish attitude to promoting others work as well .


  2. I’m really chuffed for you Clive. You always talk about and highlight some really interesting and important issues both from a personal point of view and some really valuable information and links. Keep up the good work! And thank you so much for recommending my blog too xx


    • Thanks for those very kind words Ruth, I’m touched! You thoroughly deserve to be given that award – your writing is superb, you speak from the heart about things and people that matter, and you do inspire, in the truest sense of the word xx


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