Preview of the French Open

I don’t know if any of you are interested in tennis, but if you are you really should be following this blog. It’s a superb parody of Roger Federer and always makes me laugh. If you want to follow it on Twitter too he’s @PseudoFed – which is a brilliant name (think medicine!). He follows me on there, so his taste and judgement are clearly impeccable! Ahem…..

Bonjour tout le monde!

I start this preview by saying, see you in the final! And this time I really mean it!

At this moment in times I am still thinking about the draw and staff are having problems wiping the grin off My face. I have smiled for longer than ten minutes so far. It’s the big cheesy grin, which is just as well as nous sommes en France.rogthat - Copy

Roland, Mon dieu! You have surpassed yourself. When I said in my letter about pushing the envelopes I had no idea you’d already had staff put a stamp on it and sent it overseas! You’ve raised the bar, set the new standard. My goodness the mood you were in when thinking about the draw, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d have put Andy, Jamie and Judy of the Murrays all on the other side of the draw as well!…

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3 thoughts on “Preview of the French Open

    • Thanks Joseph, he’s well worth it – I’ve followed the game for years and this is the perfect parody of speech and attitude. Rumoured to be written by the Times’ tennis writer, Neil Harman, but as far as I know he’s never admitted to it.


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