No Sex Please, We’re British!

Daily Prompt: Never

Today’s Daily Prompt from WordPress is a simple one: ‘Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.’

No Sex poster

Immediately, if your mind is as pedantic as mine, you’ll spot the logical fallacy in that: how can I tell you what I would never write about without writing about it? This could have been the shortest blog post in history if I’d followed my initial idea, which was to say:


or the shorter version:


But I’ve rather given it away in the title, haven’t I? You guessed it – it’s being British that I’d never write about. Or maybe it’s sex. Actually, you were right first time: it is sex, but I thought I’d do this just to have the fun of putting up a post with a #sex tag on it. That should attract and disappoint a few!

I don’t mean writing about sex in the healthcare sense – which I have already done, see Dates of Note – but in the fun way. There are a couple of reasons for this. Partly, I’d embarrass myself as well as anyone foolhardy enough to read it, as I believe that writing always reveals a little of yourself, and that is something I’d rather keep under wraps. And then there are already loads of people who don’t have my reserve, hang-ups or whatever it is, who make a much better job of writing about sex than I ever could, so why would I even want to try? I can hear you now, asking why I didn’t apply the same criterion to blogging – it’s too late now, I’ve done it and you’re reading it!

On the down side there are also many people writing about sex who provide ample evidence of how difficult it is to do well: it’s not something I’ve read much of but you don’t have to look for long to find writing which makes you wish very much for the writer’s sake that (s)he does it better than (s)he writes about it! And quite often these same people display a total lack of self awareness and seem to believe in their own brilliance. That’s just moving the disappointment from the bedroom to the Kindle as far as I’m concerned!

So, at the risk of disappointing the millions of new readers who’ve found this through the hashtag, I’ll never be doing it. Writing about it, I mean. But if you want to find some people who do that rather well, finding me on Twitter and looking at my ‘Naughties’ list should give you what you want. I pride myself on having enough critical taste to choose the best – no one I’m currently following could be deemed to be in the ‘let-downs’ category! On the other hand, if you want a few suggestions for the bad ones, ask me nicely and I may show and tell!

Time for a cup of tea now, I think!, Something hot, wet and strong….

Original film poster

Original film poster

In case anyone is wondering, the title for this piece is that of a theatre comedy that ran in London from 1971 for 16 years, and in the USA for 16 performances! It was also made into a film, and so as not to be too much of a disappointment to those who found this piece in error, I thought you might like to see a shot, so here goes…..

No Sex film still


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