Men’s Health Week

The latest in my series of Dates to Note starts tomorrow – Men’s Health Week runs from 10th to 16th June.

Maybe some things are too difficult to admit after all!

Maybe some things are too difficult to admit after all!

This would have been a no-brainer for me to include, even without the theme chosen for this year. Roughly half of us are men, I think, and quite a few of the rest have links with men, don’t you? So it could be said that issues around male health affect virtually all of us. This year’s theme is ‘The way we feel’: the event is led by the Men’s Health Forum and aims to tackle stigma in men’s mental health and promote mental well-being and help-seeking in men. As they say on their website, 75% of suicides are by men, 73% of people who go missing are men, yet we are notoriously bad at admitting to ourselves and our loved ones that we may be ill and might need some help, whether that be physically or mentally. I know from my own experience how damaging that can be: perhaps if I’d been more aware of my own depression much earlier I could have got help a lot sooner, and may not have been off work for so long. Who knows, but I use my own example as encouragement to you all to come clean with yourselves!

So please, do visit the Men’s Health Forum site and take a little time to read what they have to say – you won’t be wasting your time, as they cover a wide range of male health matters and you never know when you may need some independent advice.

As usual, if you’d like to know more about mental health issues the NHS website is an invaluable source.

Take care of yourselves and those around you.

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