Talk To Us – Samaritans Awareness Day

Talk To Us

It’s been a while since one of my Dates of Note but there are a few coming up. The first of these is this Wednesday, 24 July, although events for it actually started yesterday around the country. I’m talking about Samaritans Awareness Day, which this year has the theme ‘Talk To Us.’ It’s a simple message: the Samaritans organisation is hoping people will come along to an event, find out more about the work they do, and perhaps help by giving some time and/or money. You can find out about the day here.

ChitchatI don’t pretend to know much about this personally although I remember my Dad doing some voluntary work for the local branch when I was a youngster. But as I have a keen interest in mental health issues this is one of the possibilities I’m considering to occupy myself when I retire. The importance of the Samaritans’ work was brought home to me as recently as yesterday by this news story in the Daily Telegraph. I don’t watch the programmes that either this poor lady or her husband acted in but I  find it incredibly sad, not just that she wanted to take her own life, but that her husband has been a volunteer for the Samaritans for 25 years and she still felt she had nowhere to turn. No one should feel like this, so this terrible event should remind us that the Samaritans Awareness Day is a very important cause for us to support.

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