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Happy Christmas! When I posted my selection of Christmas songs  – in It’s Christmas!!! (Well, almost…) – I promised you a second selection, and here it is. As befits the day, this is a selection of mostly traditional carols, some of which are sung in a similarly traditional setting, others less so. There are fifteen here to dip into and I hope you find something that you enjoy amongst them, and hopefully there will be some new ones in there to delight you on this special day.

I’ll share a couple with you now, to give you a taster. The first is by the lovely folk singer Kate Rusby, who has released a couple of albums of seasonal songs. This is the title track from the first of these, and the video which has been made for it is enchanting:

The second is by a singer to whom I was recommended recently by a fabulous friend. Her taste in music is clearly very good! This is a Norwegian singer called Sissel, and the carol is sung, quite naturally, in Norwegian. You don’t need to understand the words to feel the beauty of the carol or her voice, though:

And for something a little different, try this flashmob mix. It is full of the joy of Christmas – just look at some of the reactions, especially the little boy when the baby is brought in!

I hope you enjoy these, and do please click on this link to the full list to find some more. I wish you a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas – or whatever it means to you in your culture. Have a wonderful day!

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    Happy Christmas! I promised you some more recycling, and here it is. I first posted this on Christmas Day last year, and I think it captures the spirit of what I feel about the day so I’m sharing it again. Wherever you are, however the day is celebrated in your culture – assuming that it is – I hope you have a wonderful day.


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