My Life Is Now

In the incredibly unlikely event that you had noticed my absence from blogland, I thought it was about time I showed myself again! If you look at my previous post two things may occur to you:

1. It was over seven months ago, and

2. I had quite a few ideas about what I was planning to do, but haven’t told you about them.

Me. Writing. At last!

Me. Writing. At last!

So where have I been? Firstly, I decided to take a break from blogging, as I had been in a routine of posting roughly four times a month and needed to work out how I was going to take this forward. But I intended that to be for a month or so, not seven! A combination of a lack of vision and writer’s block got in my way. I kept trying to write, but didn’t produce anything that I felt worthy of publication – it may come as a surprise to regular readers but I do have standards, you know!

I have now been retired nearly eleven months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I still have loads of things I want to do but decided not to do them all at once and to save some for later – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! I shall now be posting regularly again and will be doing a range of things, from the occasional stray thoughts that occur to me, like this one from last year, to the things I promised to cover in my last post, to some thoughts on retirement. I hope you’ll forgive my absence and will enjoy what I produce.

A big development for me is that the Skipton Building Society has just launched a major project in the UK on retirement, and I have been asked to contribute to it. My first post is imminent and I hope you like what I do. It is exciting to think that a wider audience may be opening up for me, and I hope longer-standing readers will stick with me as I broaden my scope. I’ll give you all the details when I post.

That’s all for now – attention seeker that I am, I just wanted to announce my re-entry into the world. And if you’re wondering about the title for this piece, it’s an adaptation of one of the most positive and uplifting songs I know, and mirrors exactly how I feel. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean:

I look forward to seeing you all again soon – do keep in touch!

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