Migraine Awareness Week

As a long term migraine sufferer I want to draw your attention again to Migraine Awareness Week. This year’s event runs next week, from 7th to 13th September. Rather than write another piece about it I’m cheating by recycling what I wrote this time last year. It is still perfectly valid and the link to the Migraine Trust’s website takes you to details of this year’s programme. I hope you can find the time to take a look at both my words and theirs, especially if you suffer yourself or are close to someone who does.

A quick update if you do reread my 2013 post: retirement and the lack of work pressure has reduced my frequency of attacks, so I recommend retirement to you, for that among many reasons! And the bloody dog upstairs is still barking!

Take It Easy

This is the first time I have ever posted one of my Dates of Note after the week in question has actually started. The reason for that is simple: I have had migraine on and off for the past fortnight and didn’t remember to check my sources in time. Ironic, huh? This week (1st to the 7th) is Migraine Education – Migraine Awareness Week. I like to think I’m reasonably organised, or at least that I give you the impression I am, and this really does prove the point about how debilitating migraine can be – on a sample of one, admittedly.

Unfortunately, I know how she feels Unfortunately, I know how she feels

I’m not going to make this a long piece, as I’m sure many of you have experience of migraine, either yourself or in someone close to you. I was first diagnosed when I was 15 – to save you the maths, that…

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