#NaBloPoMo – Day 1


I usually use song or film titles for my posts but don’t waste your time looking for this one! It might be worth trying it on Google or Twitter though, as you’ll see what it means if you don’t already know: National Blog Posting Month. I think the ‘National’ was originally the USA but blogging is worldwide so there aren’t really any limits. The event is organised by the BlogHer network, and you can find out all about it here. In brief, those who get involved undertake to post something every day in November, so here goes!

I’ve been blogging for just over two years now, so this is my third chance to do this. In 2012 I was a total newbie and hadn’t even heard of this, and I didn’t take part last year as I was a bit sceptical that the need to post something every day would result in a reduction of quality – but hey, when you start from a low base that doesn’t matter, does it! And the guidance says that posts don’t have to be fully worked pieces of writing so that reduces the pressure. I have never posted anything other than pieces of writing but I see lots of people who just share a comment, a picture or a quotation so I thought this would give me a chance to vary what I do. I sat down with pen and paper (ok, finger and iPad) to work out what I could do for a whole month that wouldn’t bore me, let alone you, and was amazed how quickly I came up with a good variety of possible subjects, so I decided to commit myself.

Why am I doing this? Someone once said that blogging is about 50:50 between 1) writing because you have something to say and 2) basking in the glory of connecting with others and their responses. Especially the ones who say nice things! I have written very little so far in 2014 and I see this as a challenge to myself to make writing a more regular part of my day, and to give myself the challenge of producing something I wouldn’t be ashamed to share with others. See what I mean about starting from a low base? I always intended that writing would be a major part of my retirement and it really is about time I got going on it! And if I’m really lucky there may be some of that basking in glory for me at some point!

I hope you keep coming back to see how this works out. In the course of the next month I hope to amuse you, entertain you, challenge you and maybe on occasion to make you think. I hope you’ll find this worthwhile. In keeping with that spirit, I’ll leave you today with a brief quotation from a man who really knew how to write soundbites – Sun Tzu (c.544-496BC)

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

I hope we’ll both seize a few opportunities this month. See you tomorrow.


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