Time Passages

I appear to be developing time as a theme this week. After yesterday’s attempt at my own thought process it seemed a good idea to share with you some ideas of time as depicted in other media than words. You’re probably not familiar with this:

Copyright Philip Bouchard, 1990
© Philip Bouchard, 1990

The painting is called Time, or the Art of Deception and was painted by Philip Bouchard in 1990. The artist’s own description of it is:

Time stands still in this surrealist composition.The water and the metronome are suspended as if Time had just stopped – yet might start again, a moment later.

I find it mesmeric, it entices me in until I share in the feeling of time standing still. I’m also attracted to this sculpture of a Time Machine:

Sculpture by Dmitriy Khristenko, picture from fineartamerica.com

I can’t really explain why, it just appeals to me!

I’d also like to share with you two of my favourite songs, both of which offer insightful comments on the passing of time and how it affects us. The first is the one I chose as the title of this piece: Time Passages by Al Stewart:

The second is a song which has perhaps become over-familiar, as it has been recorded by so many artists. That shouldn’t detract from its beauty, both in terms of the lyrics and the music. This is by Fairport Convention and features the astoundingly beautiful voice of the lady who wrote the song – the late, great, Sandy Denny:

I hope you can find the time to watch these, they really are both very special.

One thought on “Time Passages

  1. Tiffany Seide November 14, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    I read somewhere once that when a person shares a song, or song lyrics, with another – they are sharing a piece of their soul. Beautifully selected songs, Clive. Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with us.


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