Happy Hour

Time really is flying by, it’s the weekend again already and it doesn’t seem more than a moment since I shared some music videos with you. As it’s the day when hopefully you can relax and enjoy yourself, I thought I’d do that again for your entertainment, only this time I’m hoping to make you laugh. Over the years there have been many very funny comedy programmes on TV, so here’s a selection of my favourites. I’m just choosing UK and Irish programmes so, sadly, there’s no room for Two And A Half Men. Then again, there wouldn’t have been anyway. And to be included these have to be programmes that make me laugh, which cuts out Miranda Hart and Ricky Gervais.

Although it has been seen countless times I make no excuses for my first choice. I was 16 when this series first aired, and it was a revelation in comedy programming. The unforgettable Monty Python:

I could have filled this with sketches by Morecambe and Wise. Much missed, never bettered. I’ve managed to restrict myself to two of their all time classics. You’ll have probably seen both many times already, but I hope they still make you laugh, as they do me. Firstly, breakfast as you had never seen it before:

 Care to dance?:

If you watched that to the end you would have seen one of their classic show endings too. And boobs!

To some, the Two Ronnies were a poor relation to Morecambe and Wise, but not to me. Yes, their shows had many similarities in format, but they introduced a number of ideas – such as the newsreader announcements – to create their own identity. I’m also sharing two of their sketches. Firstly, THAT one:

 And Mastermind as you’ve never seen it before:

Final one for today is from a wonderful sitcom that was cut tragically short by the early death of its lead actor. Thank heavens for box sets! From a Father Ted Christmas special, the priests need to escape the lingerie department:

I hope you’ve enjoyed these. If you have, do let me know as there are plenty more programmes I haven’t covered!

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