As Seen On TV

Another week of our lives has whooshed by and it’s Saturday again. As on previous Saturdays I’m sharing with you some videos. Today I’m looking at advertising, either real ads that have amused and entertained me or spoofs that made me smile. Whatever I think, you can decide which are real! Do let me know if you think I’m wrong!

First off, to grab you with the ‘aahh’ factor, is last year’s Evian special. They have done a number of these over the years and this is one of the best:

I know it’s all done with CGI but I still love it, some of the tots’ expressions are a joy! This next one is the complete opposite, in fact I’m hoping that it isn’t real!


I really do hope that isn’t a real product and ad! Maybe one of my American readers can enlighten me, please? This, on the other hand, is clearly made up. Isn’t it?

 Here’s a real one, which always makes me laugh:

 While I’m on the grown up track, this is brilliant. If you haven’t seen it before, would you have guessed what it is for, without help from the video label?:

In a cute kind of way, this one is definitely NSFW! But funny, though:


I sense that I’m descending into the depths here, so maybe I should stop now!

See you tomorrow.


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