100 Not Out!

imageThose of you outside the cricket-playing world will have to forgive the cricket reference in the title, please. A century – 100 runs in an innings – is a significant milestone for a batsman and today I’m putting myself into that role: this is my 100th post. Little did I think that I’d manage that many, and there were times earlier this year when I wondered if I’d ever post again! The three of you who have been following since my first post deserve a medal!

Why is 100 special? Look around and you’ll see how much we recognise things in hundreds. The metric measurement system, commonplace throughout much of the world, is based on it. The huge majority of currencies use hundreds: pence to the pound, cents to the dollar or the euro, for example. We measure the passage of history in centuries. As I mentioned, it is a sporting milestone: as well as cricketers, snooker players can score a century (points in a break), footballers are feted for reaching a hundred international caps, and so it goes on. People are celebrated on their 100th birthday  – they get a card from the Queen, here in the UK. 100 degrees on the Celsius scale is the boiling point of water. I could go on with so many other examples of the significance of one hundred, but I’ll spare you! It would be good to know why the last 96 days of World War I are known as ‘Canada’s Hundred Days,’ though – can anyone tell me where the other four days went?

imageSo with this post I mark my own century. I’ve made myself a cake to celebrate.




And I’ve given myself an award:


imageAnd to round off my day of celebrations I’m partying with a friend.






Thank you for reading this and for any of my previous 99 ramblings that you may have stumbled across. If you’d like to come back for more, please do. And tell all your friends, family, hangers on etc!

See you tomorrow.



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