A Bit More Like Christmas

Following on from yesterday’s assortment, here are another six Christmas ads for your deep joy and delectation. Actually, some of these are really quite good – always save the best till last!

You may remember that I shared with you Aldi’s UK ad yesterday, which to me is everything that is tacky about the store. So how come they can produce something like this for Ireland?:

Lovely, understated, that really does give me the warm feelings that Christmas is about for me. Can we have that one over here please?

In a completely different vein, here’s an object lesson in how not to do it. I can see the thought process now: ‘we ‘ve already paid to make a series of ads, we can’t really afford more than £20 to make new ones. I know! Let’s use the same ads with a bit of tinsel on them! Sorted!’  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you………B&Q:

One thing I was always taught when making an ad was attention to detail. I guess it was the pedant’s day off when Lidl made this for their Christmas ad:

Lots of happy people, sitting around a huge table for no apparent reason other than they have been promised a free meal. Christmas spirit? Maybe, if that had been a group of homeless people being treated, rather than a bunch of Home Counties types, with a couple of chavs thrown in for good measure. But what really kills that for me is the setting – brilliant sunshine, flora in full bloom…….. it’s summer! The clues are at the beginning but if you click the link to ‘how we did it’ it is abundantly clear. You always turn up for a Christmas lunch in your shirtsleeves, don’t you? How to destroy your credibility in one easy step!

This next choice rather surprised me. Tesco has had a bad year, with a lot of pressure from the discount stores like Aldi and Lidl, culminating in the announcement that they had been cooking the books on their profit figures. So for them to come up with this was a pleasant surprise to me. It’s really rather good in the way it links a series of things that we do in preparing for Christmas back to their stores:

I’ve probably given you the impression that I’m Craig Revel Horwood’s long lost brother, so it’s time to redress the balance with my two final choices. It is probably not a coincidence that both are from the upper end of British retailing, and that both companies have a history of producing classy Christmas adverts. Firstly, Marks and Spencer:

For me, that is fun, with a series of little stories, good use of special effects, and I like the ‘Magic and Sparkle’ play on ‘M and S.’ And any ad campaign that gives itself the hashtag #FollowTheFairies can’t be all bad!

My favourite of this year’s ads will probably not come as a surprise. It is beautifully made, with a good story which, as usual, they develop to the Christmas Day ending. And who doesn’t love penguins! The best Christmas ad for me this year comes from John Lewis:

I think that’s lovely. See, I do have a sentimental side after all! It’s a bit early to wish you a Happy Christmas, so I’ll say Happy Christmas Shopping instead. Hope it goes well.

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