New Year’s Day

Happy New Year! My final piece of seasonal recycling is to share with you again my post from last New Year’s Day. Looking back at what I wrote then, I feel the same thoughts, sentiments and hopes are still with me. The music I shared then is timeless: it is relevant at the beginning of every year. If you have a few minutes to spare please watch the videos – and if you only watch one I really recommend the Mindy Smith version of Auld Lang Syne, which brings a freshness and newness to it which just feels so appropriate for a new year. I hope 2015 brings you everything you wish for, and is filled with love, laughter, fulfillment and peace. Happy New Year!

Take It Easy

So it’s 2014 already? When 2013 started I thought it would feel like the longest year of my life. As I may have mentioned (ahem!) I retired in September and as I was really looking forward to this I imagined that the months would drag until then. How wrong I was! It seems to have been a whirlwind all around me, and the year absolutely rocketed by. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m loving retirement – I was clearly born to be a gentleman of leisure! – and have been caught up in turning my rented flat into much more of a comfortable home now that I’ll be spending much more time here. Well, officially, anyway! Those of you who have been with me here for some time will know that I started this blog to share my experience of depression in the hope that it would help others, and…

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