National Blow A Raspberry Day


For the latest in my series of Dates To Note I wanted to find something a little different, like I did with American Pi. It took a bit of searching but I finally found something: today is National Blow A Raspberry Day. At least, it is here in the UK but I’m not sure about anywhere else. Do they have a Bronx Cheer Day in New York, perhaps?

Even the Royals are doing it!

Even the Royals are doing it!

The Day was started a number of years ago by twin brothers Frank and Freddie Arter. As befits twins they were inseparable, which meant that from their earliest school days they were known collectively as the F.Arters. Worried about how impersonal modern life was becoming, they conceived the idea of blowing a raspberry at someone as a way of breaking the ice, of putting a smile on people’s faces. You can do it to colleagues when you first get into work in the morning – imagine the surprised looks and gales of laughter that will result! Isn’t it better to start the day with a smile, rather than a scowl? But why wait till you get to work? This works best with total strangers so give it a go on the bus or train and brighten up everyone’s day. Maybe there’s someone you see every day that you’d like to get to know? Who could resist a hurricane of spray in their face first thing in the morning? Blowing a raspberry could be life-changing.

No madam, that's not what I meant!

No madam, that’s not what I meant!

All sorts of ways have been dreamed up to mark the day. Workplace challenges can be fun, the favourite being Blow The Boss, a competition to see who can surprise the most senior person in the organisation. And it can be a good way to liven up a dull meeting, too. As always when blowing, though, it’s a good idea to keep some Kleenex handy.

Before choosing this day I had to reject a number of other candidates, including Fart Day, Odd Socks Day, Take Your Mum To Work Day, No Pants Day, No Shirt Day, and Pick Your Nose Day. The problem? Believe it or not, these days do actually exist!

As always, I’m giving you this link to follow if you’d like to know more. Happy Blowing!

NB: Posted before it but very much in the spirit of The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Fool Me Once (which I thought wasn’t for real, though it now seems to be!)


4 thoughts on “National Blow A Raspberry Day

  1. Unfortunately, I have already taken the dogs for their walk, kept my social distance from a cyclist, a runner (twice) and a grumpy git with two dogs and a smell under his nose. How I wish I could time hop back to 8 a.m and raspberry them. Especially the git. xx

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