The Frost Is All Over

I don’t know about you but after all the ‘excitement’ of Black Friday I’m exhausted. And I haven’t been anywhere! As it’s Sunday I feel in a relaxed mood and so I thought I’d share with you a beautiful new song which will ease you into your day.

The song is the title track from the new album by Kate Rusby. If you don’t know her, she’s an English folk singer and songwriter. She comes from Yorkshire and her accent is pronounced, giving a lovely natural feel to her singing, and she has a beautiful voice. This album is her third of seasonal songs, following on from Sweet Bells and While Mortals Sleep, both of which I highly recommend. She has also made a DVD, Kate Rusby – Live At Christmas, which is wonderful. Needless to say, all of these are in my collection! Her new album, The Frost Is All Over, arrived a couple of days ago and I listened to it for the first time last night. Alongside the usual mix of traditional carols is the final track, which is written by Kate herself. Even on first listen I could tell that this was something special, and I just had to share it!

Kate releases her music on her own independent label, Pure Records, so doesn’t have the funding for big budget videos. I think this has been put on YouTube by a fan – it doesn’t look official – and is nothing more than a shot of the album cover to accompany the music. No expense has been made in the creation of this video! But, you know what? Who cares! Just lay back, close your eyes and wallow in sheer musical beauty:

I have a feeling I’ll be playing that a lot this Christmas season, and I hope you like it too, and forgive my indulgence in starting Christmas a little early. Have a lovely Sunday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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