Dementia Awareness Week – a personal view

In reblogging Ella’s post yesterday, about Mental Health Awareness Week, I reminded myself that in parallel it is also Dementia Awareness Week. Clearly, the two are closely related, and instead of writing something new for it I thought I would share again the very personal post I wrote in 2013. Those five years have now become eight, but nothing else has changed. My memories are as strong as they ever were but sadly, if Mum had still been with us today, hers wouldn’t have been. Dementia is terrible, both for the individual and their loved ones, and it affects so many. I hope you can take a moment to follow the links – they still work! – and find out more.

Take It Easy

This post is dedicated to the memory of my Mum,  who died five years ago this week, on 15th May 2008.

The Alzheimer's Society's promo message The Alzheimer’s Society’s promo message

Following closely on the current Mental Health Awareness Week is another aimed at raising awareness of a condition that affects many. Starting tomorrow, 19th May, it is Dementia Awareness Week, which is the main awareness-raising campaign run by the Alzheimer’s Society. The theme for this year’s campaign is talking, and there will be activities and events across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Society’s hope is that people will join the conversation about dementia this week, as the longer we all live the more of us will be affected by dementia – either ourselves or in a loved one. It is therefore important that we all know more about the condition, so that we can recognise the signs and will know…

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8 thoughts on “Dementia Awareness Week – a personal view

  1. Thank you for sharing this Clive. It is so scaring for me even to think about, but I forced myself to watch the video from the Alzheimer homepage with the couple explaining how it is to live with it and how important it is to be diagnosed. My father slowly changed so that he couldn’t express himself any more and he did took some decisions on his house and garden that should have been stopped because it had consequences for my mother who was used to his deciding most things in their house hold and economy

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