It seems an appropriate time to revisit this brief piece that I wrote two months ago. The Nightmare is beginning. We have voted to destroy our country and to seriously damage future European unity.

Today, I’m ashamed to be British.

Take It Easy

Taking liberties with the format, a little piece of 100 word flash ‘fiction,’ especially for today:

“It’s April 1 2020. The news is worrying. The UK General election is coming fast, and the country is veering towards a post-Brexit win for Nigel Farage’s renamed UK National Socialist Party. President Trump has just declared war on Mexico for its continuing refusal to pay for his wall, and has threatened Scotland with armed retaliation for the nationalisation of his golf course. President Putin and Wendy Deng now control her ex-husband’s media empire: their newspaper, Pravda of London, has begun circulating.

Am I dreaming? Is this real? A bad April Fool’s Day joke? Or is the world really stumbling towards oblivion?”

Far-fetched? I hope so, but there is so much happening now that makes me worried about our future. I hope I’m wrong! Happy April Fool’s Day!

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6 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Unfortunately it will take a long time to unravel, and it will drag us all into it. We are not immune to that kind of thinking, as the world has seen in the Trump movement. Mistrust is based on fear, and it all results in anger and a desire to destroy, not build.

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    • That’s exactly what we have seen here for the past few months of the referendum campaign. So many lies and unprovable claims that all we’ve had left is the politics of hatred. I’m feeling very sad today, as my country has started something big and potentially damaging, and most of the people who voted for it appear to have done so on a very limited understanding of the consequences. We have our Trumps too.

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  2. It’s disgusting that Trump-mania has spread around the world so quickly..not living in England, I have no idea how this will affect all of you, but I’m sure it will be dicey going forward. This man has brought out so much hate in our country. The conservatives and their media outlets have trashed Hillary to the point that she’s unrecognizable. She’s nothing like they say, and with luck, Americans will figure this out before November. Otherwise, we’re just fucked. As is the rest of the world.

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    • If Trump becomes President the whole world will be in trouble. We would suffer as much as any other country as a result. Unfortunately, yesterday’s referendum on our membership of the European Union was won by the Leave campaign, who seemed to have been taking lessons from a Trump for a lot of their campaign. Hatred, racism, lying and bullying seem to be what many politicians think they should do. I hope that in November your country comes to a better decision than we did.

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  3. I hope you are wrong, wrong, wrong! I can’t believe Britain voted to exit yesterday, but this morning I woke, and no, it wasn’t a dream (read nightmare). I spent a great deal of time in Britain during the late 1970s and early 1980s, and remember a strong isolationist trend there—a strong distrust of anything and anyone ‘not British’. So one part of me was not surprised. It will take some time and a great deal of pain, I’m afraid, before sanity is regained. Sorry, Clive. But we are all in the same boat, and will all be affected.

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    • So do I, Diane, for here, Europe and the US. The tendency you mention is what we call Little Englanders, who mistrust ‘Johnny Foreigner.’ To my mind it’s a kind of racism imbued in us since colonial times. It manifests itself today in political parties like UKIP and extreme organisations like Britain First. At its extreme it results in lunatics committing acts like murdering Jo Cox. Those who thought they were making a protest vote yesterday are going to realise how deluded they are. I’m afraid for all our futures.

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