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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I blog. I was reminded by WordPress a couple of days ago that it is four years since I set this up, although it took me a further five months before I got around to doing much about it. I’ve always been a slow starter! I was very clear what I was doing when I began, but over time that has become less clear to me. I have considered whether I should just accept that my time has been and gone – recent stats would suggest this – but something nags at me not to give it up. There are several reasons for that, and I’m putting together a piece which will help me understand my motivation, and which I will share with you when I’m sufficiently clear, assuming that I ever am, of course.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share again a post I wrote last November which addresses this theme. Many of my current regular readers weren’t following my blog then and may not have seen this before. I also think that it is one of my better thought-out pieces and, as such, deserves a second airing while I buy myself some time to think things through. I hope you enjoy it and, as they say, watch this space 🙂

Take It Easy

As you may have begun to suspect, I have committed myself to participate in the annual marathon that is National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo as it as known. This requires bloggers to post something every day during November. Many of the blogs I follow do that, and in some cases more than once each day, but I don’t usually. Why? because I simply don’t have enough to say that is even of interest to me, let alone inflicting it on you! So, for me, this is a real challenge. I have a long list of draft ideas for posts that I have made in the three years that I’ve been doing this, many of which may never see the light of day, but it is a useful fallback for when I have an occasional fit of insanity and commit myself to something like this. I’ll be sharing some of them with…

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10 thoughts on “Writing, For Fun

    • Thank you Bernadette, very kind of you. I fear I’ve misled you though, by reblogging this. The challenge was last November – I’ve done it for the past two years but don’t plan on doing it again! And thanks for thinking of my health too 🙂


  1. I have been blogging for six years…though not as frequent in the beginning. Like you and Jodie, my blog has changed over time, but then so have I! I thought it would be about the process of writing my book…but it has come to be writing about the learnings I have gleaned from life, some creative bits, and some random thoughts….your Brexit was a part of my last post. Anyway, Clive, I for one always enjoy reading your blog and am glad I came to know you a bit through it. Jo

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    • Thank you Joanne, for your kind words. I feel the same about your blog, and the others that I’ve met through Bernadette’s Senior Salon. We change as people over time, so I guess it’s only natural that our blogs will change with us.

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  2. As an overanalyzer—I feel like blogging should be a way to connect and reach others—even if it’s only one other. Just like with any endeavor, there are times that it’s easy & times that it’s hard—but is it good for you, is the question?

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    • Fair point, Jodie, and that’s why I know I’ll carry on despite the occasional existential crisis! One of the thoughts I’m planning to cover in the piece I alluded to is being, as a blogger, part of a community. I think that is very valuable to have in our lives.

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  3. I feel the same way. My blog started out as a blog about teen issues with some guest posts from other authors filling in, but it’s evolved as have I to where I talk about health issues, exercise, mental health, and books! So mine has become a mish mash as well, but I think it reflects a lot on things that have happened in my life. I’m happy with how it’s going even if it’s a mish mash of topics. 🙂

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  4. This is interesting, because I have been asking myself the same question. My blog has evolved in a different direction from how I thought it would be. It was intended to be a means of passing on information and advice, if sought, about nutrition and health, with an emphasis on juicing and raw food. It wasn’t going to have any personal element. It certainly wasn’t going to be heavy on recipes! Ha! People like recipes and photos of food. I also found myself writing personal anecdotes in response to other people’s posts, which were well-received and realised I enjoyed writing them too. So, inevitably, the personal posts crept in as well as the recipes and food photos. Now, I wish I had set up a separate blog for the personal, creative writing because I feel my blog has become a confused mishmash! I enjoy writing, I enjoy helping people, I enjoy food and taking photos, I enjoy the social interaction. All these are the reasons I write. I hope that I have helped someone as well as indulged my own interests and enjoyment.

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    • I know exactly how you feel! I’ve moved so far from my starting point and don’t really feel I could now answer the simple question ‘what do you blog about?’ A mish mash is a very good description of how I see my blog just now! I’ve considered going back to my original theme – supporting mental health – but having been well for so long I feel a bit of a fraud doing that! Like you, I’ve also considered setting up more than one blog but my readership is quite small and I don’t think that would be justified. Also, after nearly 200 posts, there is a lot of ‘me’ invested in this, and I don’t want to lose or devalue it. I need to restructure my site in a more meaningful way, I think.

      Thinking continues!

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