I mentioned in my previous post that this week sees the third anniversary of my retirement, and that I would be looking back to that. My actual retirement date was 16 September, my 60th birthday, and on that date I posted this piece. It wasn’t a narrative in the usual sense, but I wanted to do something to reflect the year in which I was born. 1953 was, in many ways, a momentous year, and the clips I included in this post give you a sense of that. There are also several links to the wonderful Pathe News website, which is a real goldmine of video history. As I said at the time, I didn’t expect you to read this as a regular post, but it was one which I hoped you’d come back to, to sample some of the visual treats. To anyone who manages to read the whole piece and watch every clip in its entirety, I can only offer my admiration! Most of you reading this now will not have seen this post before, and I hope you’ll enjoy at least a few of the reminders of a bygone age, and marvel at the lists of events and the famous births and deaths of 1953. And that doesn’t even include my own birth!

One small editing point: remarkably, three years on all but one of the links and video embeds still worked when I tested this. The only one which had disappeared was the original trailer for the Disney movie, Peter Pan. I couldn’t find another version of this but didn’t want to lose it, so I have included a later trailer for the film’s DVD release. Have fun!

Take It Easy

This is something of a departure from what I normally do. Today is my 60th birthday, and is also officially the day I retire from work. I wanted to mark my important day in a suitable manner, and this is what I came up with. This isn’t a standard narrative article – what I’m doing is giving you a flavour of the year in which I was born. The piece contains some clickable links, some videos you can watch straight from here, some pictures, a couple of lists and some more words. I’ve had loads of fun researching this, and I hope you will enjoy it too. There is a lot here and it is probably far too much to take in at one go, so do feel free to revisit if you are exhausted before the end!

I was talking about this a couple of weeks ago with a…

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