It Asda be…..a PR Disaster!

Coincidence, or what?! I’m in the process of writing a post on mental health, for later this week. And then this appears in my Facebook newsfeed as a memory from three years ago today.

It has been ages since I’ve written about mental health – which was, after all, why I began this blog. Most of you who now read my posts on a regular basis won’t have seen this one before, so I thought I’d share it again as a lead in to my own ‘mental health awareness week.’ The saga of Asda selling so-called ‘funny mental health costumes’ may be history but, sadly, the stigmatisation of mental health issues is still very much with us. I myself had an incidence of this last year, and it showed me that even supposedly intelligent people are only too ready to make ill-informed judgements based on such stigma. The points I made in this post are just as relevant today as they were three years ago. And to my knowledge, Asda has never taken any mental health related initiatives, despite this episode.

Take It Easy

It has been a while since I have written about a subject closely related to the reason I started this blog in the first place. As you may recall, I was encouraged to share my experiences of depression in the hope that these would help others suffering from the same or a related illness. I am not in any way qualified as a clinician, but worked for more than twenty years for a large NHS Trust which provides mental health services and have often had informal contact with patients. Whilst I have tried to widen the scope of this blog I haven’t lost sight of its raison d’etre: mental health will always be a concern and an interest for me, and I will return to it now and then. As I am doing today.

The reason for this is the furore that arose both on Twitter and in the real…

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4 thoughts on “It Asda be…..a PR Disaster!

  1. Clive, How right you are to call out stigma like this. Both of those costumes were horribly pejorative! I thought the second one was trying to look like Hannibal Lector. I also have worked in Mental Health. So many avoid treatment due to the stereotypical ideas about mental health. Good for you for addressing this! Jo

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    • Thanks Jo. Actually, those costumes are probably a little less bad than the ones that were being sold three years ago! Hannibal Lecter variants can be found too, complete with face mask. Good taste seems to have gone awol!


    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I’ve rather neglected this side of things of late, but plan to redress that balance a little in the coming weeks. I always appreciate awards and challenges, and will take a look at this to see if I can contribute. Many thanks!

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