It’s The End Of The World As We Know It……

Having posted a good deal on mental health themes in recent weeks – and I will return to those soon, I promise! – I’ve started thinking about another topic that I consider to be one of my blog’s ‘themes,’ i.e. retirement. Look around and you will find several posts which in one way or another relate to this. The two most obvious in this respect were a pair I posted in 2014, which I am pretty sure won’t have been seen by anyone who reads my blog nowadays. So I’m going to ‘re-release’ them both, starting today with this, from August of that year. These two posts act as bookmarks in my mind to the thoughts I was having as I approached and entered my retirement, and I suspect that the themes will be relevant to many of you.

I’ll repost the second piece on this shortly, so that you can get the full picture. Originally, there was a two month gap between them – I won’t do that this time around!

Take It Easy

Photo 29-08-2014 23 20 03

When I welcomed myself back to blogging three weeks ago I said that I would be branching out, and this is the first post of the new me. Well, OK, the same old me, just trying something different. As you may have read somewhere on here I retired in September 2013 and am occasionally going to be writing about aspects of retirement, both the good and the not quite so good.

I also mentioned that I have been asked to contribute to a new project recently launched by the Skipton Building Society. They have recently published the results of a survey on people in the UK’s views on the “Meaning of Retirement,” which you can find here – just scroll down a little. This is interesting reading for many, especially with the major changes being introduced in this country to the way pensions can be used and the ever-increasing minimum age for statutory…

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3 thoughts on “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It……

  1. My retirement . A new life, an adventure and early retirement. If you get the opportunity and ( I do know how fortunate I am) take it, remember you have to make your own way! Places everywhere are geared up with interests to suit the age of the retired person! Not the state of being retired. Once we are of an age there will be lots to do i am sure… but for now we have to make our way slightly out of kilter. Frowned upon by local people as outsiders, our own age group (50’s) don’t include us they are busy working)

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