…….But I Feel Fine

Last week I re-posted a piece I had written in 2014 about attitudes towards retirement. I said then that I would also be re-posting the companion piece I wrote a little after. From the response it was clear that most current readers of my blog hadn’t seen it before and so it seems well worthwhile showing you part two!

Two years on from when I wrote this I’m still feeling very positive about retirement, although my plans and dreams have taken a huge hit in the past week. Those of you in the UK may know that our beloved Government has reneged on a manifesto pledge to allow those of us who are already retired the same freedom with our pension funds that is already available to those who are retiring now or in the future. I may be returning to this subject at some point! But for now, just enjoy all the positives that retirement brings!

Take It Easy

image But not that actively!

It has taken me longer than I intended to make this post. If you can cast your mind back to the end of August I published the first of two planned pieces on research into our attitudes towards retirement which had been carried out by the Skipton Building Society. And in case you can’t, or you somehow managed to miss it (!), you can find the post at It’s The End Of The World As We Know It……. and the Skipton Research by clicking this link – you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit.

In that post I looked at the negative aspects of our view of retirement, and promised to complete the two-parter with the positives. And here I am!

As I said previously, the research was roughly 2:1 in favour of positive thoughts about retirement. In total, there were 13 positive words and phrases, which…

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4 thoughts on “…….But I Feel Fine

  1. We are in countdown mode, Clive. 18 days to go…then we will join you. We also are blessed with a real retirement income from Doug’s pension and enough cash in mine to get us the house, just perfect for us! These last weeks are pretty stressful with locating and buying a house and moving looming …but looking forward to getting there. I think I’ll wait on the negatives for a few more weeks,lol! Love to you, Jo

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