Goals, A Slight Return

As I kind of made clear in my last post – the one with just pictures – I’ve been unwell for some time and am not really up to writing at present. In case you’re interested, I’ve had a viral infection which has caused me a lot of pain and soreness, so long spells in front of the computer are a real no-no at present. But I’ve been encouraged that even though I haven’t written anything recently people are still coming to my blog, liking posts, and following. Thank you all, I appreciate it.

Since I wrote the post I’m sharing again today my follower numbers have more than doubled, therefore many of you won’t have seen this before. This was the second of two posts I wrote this time last year about how goals can affect us, and I think it bears another airing as the discussion is just as relevant today. It can be read as a standalone but if you’d like to see the first post just click on the link in this one.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some new stuff – several posts are in the planning stage – and I’ll be resuming my #SaturdaySongs too. See you soon.

Take It Easy

From The Times, 7 Jan From The Times, 7 Jan

A couple of days after I posted Goals there was an article in The Times about some recent research into the effects of goal-setting, egos and ambitions. This was clearly a coincidence but it got me thinking further on this subject.

In that post I recognised that not everyone would agree with me, and was clear that I would have no imageproblem with that. No one who has commented here has disagreed but I did get one dissenter on Facebook, presumably after I shared the post with the BlogHer Writing Lab. This wasn’t someone I know, but she took issue with my comment about this being a generational thing and made some valid points about the impact on her life that had been achieved by following her father’s approach to goal-setting. As I said before, I know that this is important for many people – indeed, goals played…

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23 thoughts on “Goals, A Slight Return

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