This Is Me

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted much recently. The blogging muse seems to have been AWOL of late. I also have masses of notification emails stored up to remind me to read your blogs. In the meantime, as this post from a year ago has popped up in my Timehop I thought it worth sharing for those who’ve followed me since then – loads of you! It is one of the most open, heart-seeking posts I’ve ever written, and I feel I owe you something for my absence! Apologies to those who’ve seen it before.

Take It Easy

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger, Stevie Turner, asked me to complete a questionnaire for a book she is compiling. This will be a series of interviews with people who have come through a difficult time, whether it be for something like an addiction or, in my case, depression. This was quite a long questionnaire, especially after I’d given it very full answers, but I wanted to give it my best shot. There would have been no point in giving incomplete answers, and I felt I owed Stevie the full story – after all, she would be in control of her book and could edit out anything she didn’t want to include, couldn’t she?

As I was writing my answers it became clear to me that I should really share this with my own readers too. Many of you will not have been with me when I first started posting…

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