What’s A Pilcher?

Another piece of recycling – from a year ago today – for newer readers who won’t have seen this before. I did a little research into my surname and found it has a lengthy history, although it is far from being a famous name! There’s also a link in the piece to an earlier post about my Christian name, in case you’re interested – it may be a little geeky of me but I like to find out about my names and their meanings. I think we all should try it!

And as she features in the post, it would be very remiss of me to post this again without wishing my daughter Katy a Happy Birthday!

Take It Easy

A few weeks ago I posted Say Your Name, which was an updated version of a previous post about the meaning of my Christian name. I thought then that it might be a good idea to do a companion piece on my surname, as it has a little history attached to it.

Pilch, in Norwich, as modelled by my daughter Katy Pilch, in Norwich, as modelled by my daughter Katy There’s a major clue to my surname in the title of this piece – just in case you hadn’t noticed. The name ‘Pilcher’ is largely native to East Kent, the part of England from which I come. I’ve not seen a recent telephone directory but when I was growing up there were two pages of us. You’d be hard-pressed to find more than five Pilchers in most other directories. The shorter version, ‘Pilch’ is common in East Anglia, and is to this day the name of a store…

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