It’s A Hard Life

This post from this day last year has just popped up in my Timehop. Reading again what I wrote, I’m struck by my thoughts. At that time the British referendum on leaving the EU had still to take place, and the Orange One was looking likely to secure the Republican nomination but hadn’t quite got it yet. I shared my concerns and fear for the way our world was going.

A year on, and the unthinkable has happened – twice! Our referendum has been decided, with what I fear will be disastrous results, and Drumpf has gone from being racist clown to racist clown President. If you have a moment, do take a look at last year’s words: it isn’t getting any better, is it?

Take It Easy

Some weeks ago, when I posted in response to the terrorist bombings in Brussels, I titled my piece after what I had always known, until then, as a Nanci Griffith song, although it was actually written by Julie Gold  – From A Distance. I had been listening to music as I often do, as a lot of truth is spoken in song lyrics and the words of that song resonated with me. One of her own songs also came to mind, and it was a bit of a toss up which one I used to illustrate my post. I chose that one as it made my point for me, and the other song has a wider meaning which I thought I might revisit as a companion piece. Having been kept away from here by illness it has taken me longer than I intended to do this, but this is…

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12 thoughts on “It’s A Hard Life

  1. What an excellent piece but how depressing that it needed to be written and a year later is, if anything even more pertinent. Tomorrow the French elect their new president. Let it not be le Pen. Let me not be shocked once more. Let’s try playing another tune that does not involved snakes in the grass poisoning the parents who in turn feed venom to their children and perpetuate hatred and at worst wars across this supposedly precious globe of ours. X

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    • Thank you. That’s what struck me and made me reblog it: those sentiments do seem even more relevant today. I share your hopes for tomorrow – it would be good if at least one country could get an election right. Hatred does seem to be the common currency these days, and it would be very welcome to see it rejected xx

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      • Tides must turn. We have Russians staying from Moscow and it is most interesting their commentary on their country and on Europe. They have a little boy of 2 1/2 (quite the most adorable child I have ever met) and it is plain to see that they share the same fears we do. So tides must turn. Mustn’t they?

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      • Interesting that you have Russians staying when our media are reporting a Russian-led hacking attempt to affect the French election! It’s good to get a view from ‘ordinary people’ rather than the political posturing we usually see. Fingers and everything crossed for the turning of the tides – King Canute couldn’t do it but Richard Thompson wrote a rather good song about it 😊 xx

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