Walk Awhile

Whilst I’m working on some new stuff, which isn’t yet ready to post – yes, I do have standards! – I thought I’d share again this post from a year ago today. Newer readers won’t have seen it before, and if I can bring the music of Dave Swarbrick and Fairport Convention to a wider audience it’s worth it! And as I said at the end of the piece, the featured song offers good advice on how we could improve our lives and the world as whole. This has been brought very much into my focus by the recent terrorist murders in the UK. We really do need to walk together.

Take It Easy

Times obituary 7.6.16 Times obituary 7.6.16

By any standards, 2016 has so far been a terrible year for celebrity deaths. Some have been global superstars and have been widely mourned, and shamelessly used as an excuse for those Z-listers who hang onto the coat tails of the rich and famous – I wrote about this in Starman. Others have been more localised, but none the less tragic for that. I suspect that most of you reading this will never have heard of the person I am writing about, particularly as he died on the same day as Muhammad Ali, although The Times did a rather nice (almost) full page obituary of him yesterday. He wouldn’t have been expecting a 16 page tribute though, so no harm done!

Does the name Dave Swarbrick mean anything to you? No? I thought not. Swarb, as he was universally known, was a fiddle player, singer and…

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11 thoughts on “Walk Awhile

  1. A particularly well-timed re-peddling of an excellent piece. You may recall I knew Linda Thompson very well (I worked for her second husband and organised their wedding) … I had not dug deep enough into the FC affair that happened before she and the pasty faced Richard got it on. As to learning lessons. Please. Just please can we stand together now – no-one wants this hatred. Really I do believe that. NOt even the duped fools that opt to sacrifice themselves. Deep down I don’t believe they want this. Xx

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    • Thank you, it did rather seem to fit the current mood. Yes, I remember you telling me that, but it looks as though you have some early Fairport catching up to do! They were a great live band, even if Swarb looked as though his pants had been lined with itching powder. I wish everyone could learn that lesson – it’s so simple, and on an Election Day after which I fear things will only get worse, community is really what we need. xx

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      • I have three out of four daughters (the fourth in excused in Malaysia but still pumping it out on Soc. Med. ) working tirelessly to convince their peers to vote. Never have the young voices had so much power. Please, in the name of all that is right, please let them understand that …. xx

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      • I think the young are rallying (a friend of my second daughter has been offering prizes to those that can prove that they have voted …. nudes mostly – who am I to comment) but one of the issues is the demographic of voters and it will take a massive effort to get sufficient numbers out to effect a change. Xx

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      • That’s an interesting approach! With only four constituencies to declare no one will have an overall majority, which is far from the strong and stable government May wanted. Times are going to be interesting here! xx

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      • Green shoots …. wasn’t that what old Cameron the pig fancier was fond of saying? I spy green shoots this morning and I predict that this is I my the start of the real change … bon courage mon brave 😊xx

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      • The DUP has just announced that they will support her to give her a teeny weeny majority. I bet the Tory press doesn’t call them enemies of the people – but that is what they are. Political life here is going to be interesting for a while. Unstable, but interesting 😊 xx

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      • An uneasy match if ever there was one. Now is the time for JC and the others to really prove that they are a stable force for the greater good. To do what he did best on the back benches and question over and over again and act as a reminder. I don’t think this alliance will last for long. And no, the Tory press will carefully forget who the DUP really are. Interesting times indeed. Xx

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