He Fought The Law (and the law won)

A Cautionary Tale

As you may have gathered from the subtitle, this is going to be a rather different post from my usual type, whatever that is. It is, however, one of the more important subjects about which I have written, so I hope you read it. I should warn you that it is a topic which I wish had never come anywhere near my blog, as it is so horrible, but I feel strongly that I need to write and share this.

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion my ambivalent relationship with social media, particularly Twitter. Whilst I acknowledge how helpful this was in drawing me back into the world from the depths of my depression period five years ago, I have used it much less of late. One of the reasons for this is that I am very wary of who might really be talking on there. Most are, happily, upfront in saying who they are and their tweets reflect that. But others aren’t. Some, but not all of these, hide behind an avatar which isn’t a picture of themselves. Others Photoshop themselves into an idealised image of what they would like to look like – or, in the sadder cases, what they believe they actually do look like. These are often hiding someone whose purpose in being there is to conceal a real life existence to which they would rather not admit – even to themselves – and/or to use Twitter as a vehicle to abuse others with a degree of impunity. Of course I accept that many have perfectly legitimate reasons to use avatars, privacy being the most genuine of these. Sadly, others use them for less noble reasons.

At the time he closed his account last year @fiatpanda had, I think, around 10k Twitter followers. They must have been big fans of his regular outpourings of vitriol and his obsessive use of the ‘c’ word, which I never use even to myself, so I’m not about to start now. And in his case ‘c’ doesn’t stand for ‘car’ or ‘cuddly.’ He is one of those wannabes who cling to the coat tails of Z-list ‘celebrities’ in the hope that he can achieve their level of ‘fame,’ despite being an IT technician with no other appreciable talents. Frankly, though, the thought that he has the skills to hack into computer systems terrifies me. He never used his real picture and instead used a nice little panda to go with his chosen fake name. Here he is:

Oh, wait, why is there blood dripping from his hands? I’ll tell you why. In real life, @fiatpanda is actually a man by the name of Simon Guerrero. This is what he really looks like:

Fairly unremarkable, though to my eyes there’s a hint of malevolence about his appearance, a bit of a cross between Hitler and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

My interest in him is that he was, for a year, one of the many ex-boyfriends/casual sexual partners of the ex-wife of a friend of mine. She was also very active on Twitter. She closed her previous account, with around with 13k followers, most of whom would no doubt be horrified and surprised to find out what she is really like, and how they have been fooled by the façade she presents. But she returned a couple of months ago, and was slowly building follower levels. However, her new account disappeared when she realised that Guerrero’s number was up. I called her out a few weeks ago, and was met with her usual victim act, plus random abuse from some of her followers, who have clearly fallen for her false persona and lies. I could go on at great length about her use of Parental Alienation (PAS or, on Twitter, #PAS) to deprive my friend of access to his daughter, and how she has systematically wrecked her children’s upbringing, but that is not my objective with this piece. The temptation to expose this woman is great but I’m not going to say any more about her. For now. The point of this piece is to reveal Guerrero for the piece of human detritus that he is.

If you Google his name you will find references to this, from 2008:

What a nice man, you might think. But times have moved on and he has revealed his true nature. Last month, Guerrero was found guilty at Swindon Crown Court on 8 charges of child pornography, 5 of which were listed as Category A, the most serious type. Just to be clear, Category A covers ‘penetrative sexual activity and sexual activity with an animal or sadism,’ to quote the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines. The case was originally due for trial in March 2016, but was delayed twice while further evidence was gathered. This included liaison with the FBI, whose radar he had landed upon due to his activity on the dark web. I understand that some of the images and films which caused Guerrero to be charged involved very young children and animals: there can be nothing more sick, perverted and evil than that. Now that the pre-sentencing reports have finally been completed he was sentenced on Thursday to 21 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to go on the Sex Offenders Register for ten years, and to surrender all of his computing devices. He pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, and his defence throughout the trial was to profess ignorance about how this stuff came to be on his computers, apparently unknown to an IT expert like him. The jury rightly saw through this and Guerrero only changed his tune on this at the sentencing hearing, at which he apologised to the judge. I wasn’t there, but I know someone who was, and there is some doubt about the truth of what he told the judge when he was trying to avoid a prison sentence – there may yet be more of this story to come.

As an example of the way he presented himself on Twitter, I have found this summary of the various profile descriptions he has used over the years:

A general touch of arrogance runs through those, which is just so typical of him. I’ve been told that he started the account, with the same avatar and @fiatpanda name, some six or seven years ago, purporting to be James May, from the BBC Top Gear programme. He was outed as a fake account, but I guess that’s one way of driving up your follower numbers.

Guerrero is also a self-published author, with one ‘book’ to his name. To save you the trouble, here’s a screenshot of it from Amazon:

Your first reaction may be that 99p is a trifle expensive for an 8 page story by an unknown author. Mine too, but look more deeply. If you go beyond all those 5 star reviews which he no doubt managed to persuade his friends to leave, you’ll see that this is a story for children. It takes a very weird and perverted mind to write something for an audience who constitute his preferred target of abuse.

I once ‘enjoyed’ a little of his Twitter abuse. I had said a couple of things which made it clear that I supported my friend in his ongoing battle against his ex-wife, who was at that time Guerrero’s ‘love interest.’ Clearly, he believed all of her abhorrent lies about my friend, and turned on several of us for supporting her ex-husband. By his standards, this was mild – he only called me ‘a very stupid man,’ rather than his preferred mode of abusive terminology (c*** if you had forgotten). It pales into insignificance alongside the horrible abuse he gave my friend on Twitter, which might have destroyed a lesser man. And all because his brain was in his todger, rather than his head.

This evil man now has a criminal record as the vilest of sex offenders, which I would imagine will make it difficult for him to find work in future: would you trust him to work on your computer network? I know I wouldn’t! I also hope that his ex-girlfriend, my friend’s ex-wife, is next in line to be charged. I find it impossible to believe that she knew nothing of what he was doing, much of which took place while they were in a relationship and he was with her and her daughters. She tweeted often at that time about her youngest daughter running around the house naked – it doesn’t bear thinking about really, does it? If so, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on her too, if and when her time comes. Wishful thinking, maybe, but I live in hope. In the meantime, I hope she can live with herself knowing that she was the sex toy of a despicable man who may well have been preying on her younger children.

As I said at the outset, whilst you will no doubt have picked up the strength of my antipathy towards this man, this is meant to be a cautionary tale. Are you always sure who you’re dealing with on social media? Thankfully, most aren’t like Guerrero, but please take care. As I said earlier, my usage of Twitter is greatly reduced from my first couple of years there, and I prefer to keep my online social interactions within Facebook, which is more easily controlled. Several of you have become Facebook friends, and I value this. Equally, quite a few of you are with me on Twitter and Instagram too, which is fun. But lurking in the bigger, wider world are people you wouldn’t want to know, hiding behind the façade of respectability that online personae can give you. That is why I felt so strongly that I had to write this piece: sadly, there are probably many more like Guerrero lurking out there. Be alert.

A brief footnote: you’ll probably have realised that I’ve shortened the story quite a lot for this post. If you’d like to know more – from someone directly on the receiving end of Guerrero’s abuse – you can read my friend’s post here. Or, if you are on Twitter, search for the #SimonLGuerrero hashtag – there’s a lot there! Beware, it isn’t pleasant but, then again, neither is Guerrero.

And a final apology: I’ve thought long and hard before posting this piece, as I know it runs the risk of offending and upsetting my regular friends and readers. I apologise if it does, but I hope you can agree that the importance of the subject outweighs this risk.

24 thoughts on “He Fought The Law (and the law won)

  1. Came to this via the follow up post today. I probably missed it because I had a couple of days way from the web around the beginning of the month visiting relatives in the UK. I was astounded when told by one of them about the behaviour of the ex-wife of a young man who has, over the last number of years, experienced a very painful divorce. The appalling accusations she made about him and his ‘male relatives’ were very much along the lines described here. Not, so far as I know, on Social Media, but face to face which is, perhaps, even harder to take. Fortunately the young man had the courage to face down the challenge and his daughter failed to co-operate with her mother’s insinuations. At one stage he was very close to suicide over the whole business.
    Thank you for exposing the lengths to which some hurt people will go in order to exact revenge from former partners.

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    • Thanks Frank. I’m very sorry that you know of someone who has suffered in a similar way and are aware of how serious it can be for the one being unjustly attacked. It is very damaging for the children too – they aren’t ammunition to be used in some perverse battle being fought in the mind of a parent.


  2. I agree with all the other commentators here that this is a serious, necessary warning post you have made. I am thinking of young people who need to be not only warned but guided to avoid such evil persons like this one.
    Another thing I have seen ads on Facebook for this ” PAS” in the Danish version it’s written in a very bad grammar like a school child in the second grade. Is it a serious organisation ? Excuse me if this is totally out of your topic

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    • Thank you, Maria. There is evil all around us, sadly, and often it is very difficult to identify it. I’m afraid there are many more people like him, and social media are so widely available for them to ply their evil trade.

      I’m not sure what the Danish adverts for PAS would have been about, but I think it may have been something different. There is no PAS organisation as such – it stands for Parental Alienation Syndrome. This is becoming more widely accepted as an issue in family courts, but not as rapidly as it should. It means the manipulation by one parent of their child or children after a marriage or relationship breaks down. They tell the most awful lies about their ex-partner, with the aim of turning the child against their other parent. If you want to know more, a quick Google search will bring up a lot of material, and for a view from a victim click on the link to my friend’s blog, and read some of the previous posts. They are heartbreaking.


      • I will do that Clive. I understand that the Facebook add is what you describe but so poorly written that you don’t get the meaning. I have offered to write it in a simple language but very little was changed so it’s difficult to take them seriously. But the issue is real and I and my children have suffered from lies too from their father

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      • I’m sorry to hear that, I hadn’t realised. I’m so lucky that it hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve seen close up the damage it can do. I hope the Facebook thing can be sorted: it’s far too serious a subject not to be done properly.


  3. A very well written piece, a caveat which one hopes will help shake people out of their lethargy about many things but especially children’s rights. De cent people need to stop politicizing their children and the parental guardianship and instead work on identifying the real predators (of either sex) and start to help the families heal. This whole affair shakes me to my core, as it should all people, nobody should feel comfortable about any of this or ever get a good night sleep again. On a personal level, it causes me to wonder, all the more now, why my wife is so keen on keeping her lover’s identity a secret. It’s a scary, scary world but we have to be vigilant.

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree, we do take social media for granted and don’t always question who we’re really dealing with. Scary indeed!


  4. Clive, I am so glad you did post this, Indeed it is a cautionary tale. Quite sickening in its content. And the content is real and proven. And that surely is the point. I was very carried away on Twitter some years ago and had a huge following and the bigger it got the more brazen I felt. Fortunately I also felt tired. And like Forest Gump on his epic run, one day I just stopped. Now I have the most half-hearted of accounts. I use FaceBook (we are friends – hurrah) and I have just started using Instagram again (we follow one another – hurrah) but I try to be judicious in whom I friend. It is, sadly very difficult to be absolutely certain who someone is or what their intentions. This needed to be said. I am very glad you have outed this vile scourge. I don’t have enough strong words to even begin to adequately express my disgust. Thank you xx

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    • Thank you! I went through a lot of soul searching before I took the plunge and hit the publish button. This is so far out of my comfort zone and, I’d imagine, that of anyone who regularly reads my blog, and I still have concerns about how it will be received by some. But I’m grateful for your support: I trust your judgement and it’s good that you think I did the right thing. It does worry me how much we all get sucked into using social media and how much we sometimes tell others about ourselves. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of believing that everyone is genuine, like us. Sadly, they aren’t, as this horrible case shows. xx

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      • I think we all like to believe that we won’t be suckered (rather as my aged mother wants to believe she couldn’t possibly fall for a telephone con man …) but the truth is that we drop our guards whilst in the rapid and often vapid world of Social Media and we are very vulnerable. All of us. This case is extreme, one hopes but it is a salutary reminder of what can happen in increments up to the giddy long horrible heights of this apology for humanity. Xx

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      • Sadly, that is so true, and is one of the reasons I finally decided to post the piece. You know that little counter on WordPress that tells you how many revisions you’ve made to a post? I’ve never had it as high as 26 before! This is an extreme case, but this guy was living an outwardly normal life, so it could happen anywhere. xx

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  5. An excellent piece, with many important points made. Clive you had first hand experience at dealing with the vile individuals and I could never express how much I appreciated your support. It can be a very lonely place when lies are being stated as fact about you, with the only hope that people will see the truth past the lies and abuse.
    I could not agree more with your point, please all be very careful. I would just like to add the thing that helped me through most of it, apart from the obvious love and devotion of my beautiful Fiancée @motherscontact, my family and the very supportive #PASCommunity is this: When you know the truth; that is all that matters, despite what is being said. Be mindful it’s what’s in your heart that’s important and not what people who do not know you think. Life has a way of balancing things out, a little something called Karma. FC

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    • Thank you, I felt it needed to be said, even if most of my regular readers might not appreciate a much darker post than my usual bland rubbish! I know how hard things have been for you, and have been horrified at the abuse you have suffered. As you say, Karma has a way of balancing things out, if we can wait for it. I hope you’re recovering well after your accident, but please stay clear of ladders from now on!

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    • I have a friend who is the victim of PA (I didn’t even know that was what it is called nor that it is such a widespread issue that it has a name and a #). I will ask Clive privately if I can connect him to your network. It is horrendous watching what he is going through. Just hideous, unnecessary and cruel beyond my ken.


    • Thanks Bernadette. The hardest thing I’ve ever written, but I feel so strongly about the issues in it – both the vile things some people do, and wanting to support my friends, who this man has helped drag through hell.

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