(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is the cartoon in today’s Times newspaper (that’s the ‘London Times,’ for those of you who live in countries with similarly named newspapers):

© Times Newspapers

I was going to make this a Wordless Wednesday post, but felt the need to add a few words. Apparently, Numpty Trumpty couldn’t resist commenting on the size of the crowds awaiting his photo opportunity trip to Texas, hence this cartoon. Putting aside the possibility that they had been hired to be there, this is crass, even by the low levels of humanity this idiot has established with his Presidency. I accept that politicians are in a no win situation when it comes to their response to natural disasters, but for him and his wife to turn up wearing unsuitable clothing, some of which is now available to buy on his website, and crowing about how many people have come to see him isn’t going to do much for disaster relief, is it? Then again, any scientist who tells him that Hurricane Harvey is the result of climate change will be reminded that it is a Chinese hoax. So that’s alright, then.

POTUS45: the first to be known by his IQ. What an embarrassment. My heart goes out to those affected by this disaster, and particularly those who are mourning the loss of loved ones. I hope that they can be helped to recover and will be protected in the future – despite the fact that, a mere two weeks ago, this same President removed the requirements for restorative work to be carried out to high standards. How that fits with making America great again is beyond me. Maybe he’s hoping that his wall will keep out the bad weather?

18 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Trump treats his Presidency like it is a reality show. He only cares about his “ratings”, only responds to his “viewers,” not caring about those tuned into other “stations” as long as his market share is solid. The fans of his show still like that he thumbs his nose at presidential behavior and his opponent, still thrilled with his outrageous ignorance – as if that makes him like them. I truly tried to have empathy for the frustration of his voters, their sense that the world (and the Democratic party) had forgotten them. But as his devolution takes us further and further from American values, I am hard pressed to continue to support those who tolerate, even embrace, his wretched bigotry, lawlessness, nepotism, impulsivity, and reckless disregard for the consequences of his behavior. I fear for my country and the world as we try to survive this man and his sham presidency.

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  2. I watched a video of his speech, how did someone (regardless of his political persuasion) so inarticulate, so lacking in empathy, somlacking in vision and so narcissistic come to be elected leader of the free world? He can’t put two sentences together that make any sense. Everything is all about him. These people need a leader, soemone to look up to, to give them hope, they let them know how they are going to survive this devastation and moreover, how it will be prevented from having such tragic consequences again. I read that 85% f those affected have no flood insurance. What will happen to them?

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    • He’s the product of a ridiculous system where money is the defining factor. That, and his showman’s ability to peddle the most outrageous rubbish to a gullible electorate. Like Brexit, on a much larger scale. All of his actions so far show that he has no understanding of how most people live, and I too am fearful for those affected.

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