The Story of My Illness – Part Two: A Reblog, Five Years On

Continuing my reblogging of my initial posts, this is Part Two of the story of my period of depression, which was originally posted five years ago today. My thanks to everyone who has read, commented and shared yesterday’s reblog of Part One. I hope you find this helpful. The third and final part will follow tomorrow, as per my original schedule of posts.

Take It Easy

The long period off work – what I did

Looking back now, I find it difficult to remember precise details of what I did during the long time off work, and how I was feeling. Initially, I did nothing. It isn’t pleasant either to think I did it, or to reveal it here, but there were days where I didn’t feel like making myself presentable. I knew that I had no need to go out and see other people, and nor did I want to. So, if I was lucky, my teeth might get cleaned and a flannel might find its way quickly around me, but that was about it. I was in my cocoon, somehow distant and sheltered from the world, so it didn’t matter. I look back at this with distaste and a degree of shame, because I am normally so fastidious about the ‘three Sh’s’ every day…

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