Feeling Good? – For Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is looming on the horizon again (14-20 May here in the UK) I thought it would be worthwhile sharing again the post I wrote to mark last year’s event. I haven’t decided whether to write something new for this year, so it seemed right to do something to draw attention to MHAW now in case I don’t get around to a new post.

As I’ve often said, I began blogging to share my experience of depression and mental illness, and whilst I’ve strayed quite a lot from that it will always be a subject that matters to me, and to which I will always return at some point. The theme for this year’s MHAW is ‘stress’ – and that’s why I’m in two minds about writing something specific for this year. Having retired nearly five years ago I’ve now managed to remove stress almost entirely from my life, and don’t feel that qualified to write about it now. Maybe I can do something from memory, as the pressures of juggling work and family life, and the stresses that brings on, are still there in the canyons of my mind (bonus points if you get that obscure musical reference!).

If you follow the link in the original piece you will find the website of the Mental Health Foundation, who organise MHAW. There are many good resources on this site, so if you are worried for yourself or someone close to you, do take a look. Don’t do what I did all those years ago, and close your mind to your situation. Take it from me and my experience: there is help to be found out there, but it won’t seek you out – it’s up to you to reach for it. I hope you don’t need it, but it’s always good to know it’s there, just in case.

Take It Easy

A post for Mental Health Awareness Week

Many of you have started following my blog in the past year or so, and may not be aware that I originally began this over four years ago to share my experience of depression, in the hope that it would help others. From the comments I’ve received since then it appears that this has happened far more than I could ever have hoped, although I admit to having strayed off message quite a lot since then. You will probably also be unaware that I ran a series of ‘Dates To Note’ about key days in the calendar, mostly around health and social care. They can be found from the menu above, if you’re interested. Not wanting this to become stale or repetitive – I can do that without setting myself up for it – I stopped these as a regular feature two or…

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14 thoughts on “Feeling Good? – For Mental Health Awareness Week

    • I read that article, thought it was good that she shared her own experience of something which people often don’t think of when they talk about mental health matters. Good luck with your new series, not sure I’m right for it though!

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  2. Good morning Clive, you have worked so very hard on this mental health issue personally and continue to help others to understand it publicly. We all owe you a big thank you. Keep up the good fight to remove an unwarranted stigma.

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  3. The lyrics resonate with me…Glen Campbell? It’s such good news that stress is no longer part of your life. I admit I give in to a certain amount of anxiety from time to time, but not to the extend that it concerns me. But of course, depression and anxiety are not the same thing, although stress may be at the root of both.

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    • The ‘canyons of your mind’ lyric? It’s actually a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, and was the B side of their UK hit single I’m The Urban Spaceman – obscure or what, eh! Vivian Stanshall, their lead vocalist, did the spoken part on Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. I’m glad to hear that you have things under control, anxiety can be so disruptive.


  4. Hi Clive, So glad to hear that ‘stress’ is no longer with you.
    While working a full-time day job, and all the other day to day responsibilities, I would love to be able to one day also say that I am stress-free. Thank you for sharing @ Senior Salon.

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