Why Shouldn’t We?

This post from three years ago today just popped up in my Timehop feed. It wasn’t a post that gained much attention at the time and if I’m honest it isn’t one I’ve thought much about since I wrote it. But it is interesting to me – and, I hope, for you – to see how thoughts of belonging and believing can strike us. Often, as was the case for me at this time, they can be prompted by the lyrics of a song, and I’m not thinking Agadoo here! Three years on, I don’t think I’m any closer to finding the answers I was seeking, but I have the rest of my life for that so there’s always hope.

One thing in particular struck me about what I’d written: that there was so much hatred in the world. Sadly, if anything, that has become worse and more overt since I first wrote this piece. Maybe we all need to take some time for reflection?

Take It Easy

As I often do when I’m in a reflective mood, I found myself yesterday evening playing music to match. Unlike the days of my youth, when this would have also given me some physical exercise in getting up to change the vinyl disc on the turntable, nowadays it is very easy to sit comfortably and go from album to album, track to track just by clicking on your device of choice. I use Apple Music for this, and have a vast library to choose from! It will be great when they deliver on the promise to extend the limit you can have in your own library from the current 25,000 songs to 100,000, as this will enable me to be even lazier about storing what I want to hear! Skipping tracks or moving to another album has never been easier, and I do it a lot!

I listen to a…

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