It’s STILL A Hard Life

Part Two. Or is it Part Three?

I’m still in recovery mode, and am not yet really feeling up to writing something new. So I thought I’d share a post from this day a year ago, which itself was a reworking and updating of a piece from May 2016. Reading this again, I am struck by how little has changed. The British government is still totally clueless about implementing Brexit, and is demonstrating absolutely no plan to resolve the Irish border issue. Failure to do that could well result in the dismantling of the Good Friday Agreement, plunging Northern Ireland back to the bad days described by Nanci Griffith in the song which gave my original piece its title. And as for the Trump government, please don’t get me started! There is still much in our world today about which we should be fearful.

But maybe, just maybe, there are some hopeful signs. Here in the UK there has been a notable anti-Brexit shift, and a recent opinion survey reported that 61% would now vote against it, given what we know about its negative impacts for our country and for Europe as a whole, not to mention that the Leave campaign has been proven to have been based on lies and criminal behaviour. And in the USA, the youth movement has continued to grow in force, whilst the Democrats have retaken control of the House of Representatives, while the Mueller report indicated a good deal of criminal behaviour by Trump acolytes, no matter how much Numpty tries to spin it otherwise. Small hopes, I know, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second referendum to finally bury the lunacy of Brexit, and for impeachment and criminal indictments for Trump. The world deserves both of these outcomes.

Take It Easy

Two years ago today I posted a piece which laid out my fears for the way our world was going. This specifically referenced the campaign which was then in full flow towards the UK referendum on membership of the European Union (EU), which took place on 23 June 2016, and the US presidential campaigning, which at that point looked very likely to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican candidate, as indeed happened. Thankfully, election campaigns here only last a month or so, unlike the many months the Americans have to endure – but there’s no guarantee that either of us will come out with a good result, regardless of how long it takes us to get there.

Reading this post again, I was struck by how my worst fears were now coming true. Our referendum became a mass vote of lemmings throwing the country off a cliff, and with only…

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