Teach Your Children – Still An Important Message

I’ll be honest with you: the muse isn’t really there at present. Too much real life getting in the way and addling my brain! So I thought I’d stretch your patience with me still further with another from the mine of my back catalogue.

This is from a year ago today, and was posted in my now very occasional series of #SaturdaySongs. As it says, it is a companion piece to ‘I Hope You Dance,’ and found me in reflective mood about families, children and life following the birth of my adorable granddaughter. It shows how one simple little song can be imbued with so much meaning and wisdom, and its message is important – and will always be so. If nothing else, there is some lovely music in it!

I’m hoping very much that real life will finally start to settle down this week. I’ll tell you all about it when I get the chance 😊

Take It Easy

Just when you thought I might never do another #SaturdaySongs post – it is only seven months since the last one, after all – here’s a brand new one for you. Following on from my previous post, I Hope You Dance, this is also on the theme of families and how they develop through the generations.

If, like me, you watch a lot of music videos on YouTube, you’ve probably followed links to some of their recommendations for you. This one was in mine the other day, from a band I’ve loved ever since their first album all the way back in 1969. This song was actually on their second album, Dejà Vu, by which time they had morphed from being CS&N to CSN&Y, though Neil doesn’t feature much on the original version – it is very much a Graham Nash song:

If you Google the song and follow…

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