Dare I Mention The C Word? – A Reblog

I know I said yesterday that I would be concentrating on ‘fun’ posts this month, but something was said to me that reminded me of this post, originally written on 25 November 2018. Given that we have recently had another incident in this country which was supposedly in the name of religion, what I said in this post does, I think, bear re-reading. My apologies if you have seen this before, but I think the message I gave – of tolerance of, and enjoyment in, each others’ beliefs – is too important to be ignored.

Take It Easy

Christmas is coming

I expect many of us learned that little rhyme when we were children, which harks back to a bygone age in which Christmas was still relatively innocent, and less swamped by today’s rampant commercialism. The ha’penny referred to is in fact the old British pre-decimal halfpenny coin, which ceased to be legal tender in 1969, and the rhyme pre-dates that by centuries. As I picked up my iPad to download my digital newspaper (yes, I move with the times!) I noticed that today is the 25th November, exactly one month till Christmas, and this got me thinking about what the big day means. As I have said before, I veer towards agnosticism rather than any particular religion, but I respect the fact that this is a Christian celebration: Christ Mass, Jesus’ birthday. I also respect the fact that for those of other faiths this is probably not a day on which you…

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