National Blow A Raspberry Day

Sharing this piece from five years ago today, as a reminder of times when we could actually go out. Have a good day, and stay safe πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Take It Easy


For the latest in my series of Dates To Note I wanted to find something a little different, like I did with American Pi. It took a bit of searching but I finally found something: today is National Blow A Raspberry Day. At least, it is here in the UK but I’m not sure about anywhere else. Do they have a Bronx Cheer Day in New York, perhaps?

Even the Royals are doing it! Even the Royals are doing it!

The Day was started a number of years ago by twin brothers Frank and Freddie Arter. As befits twins they were inseparable, which meant that from their earliest school days they were known collectively as the F.Arters. Worried about how impersonal modern life was becoming, they conceived the idea of blowing a raspberry at someone as a way of breaking the ice, of putting a smile on people’s faces. You can do it to colleagues when…

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20 thoughts on “National Blow A Raspberry Day

  1. I guess there is a day for everything now, but this is news to me. Somebody must have made a YouTube video, so perhaps I’ll go investigate.

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  2. I’ll pop over to the post when I am on my desktop. This iPad randomly refuses to follow links which I would take issue with but I have always been somewhat contrary of nature too …. But my first comment is that your reference to Americans Pi and then Raspberry day is rather clever in itself if you are in the know about Raspberry Pi πŸ˜‰ xx

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      • I know what Raspberry Pi is but just didn’t make the connection. You aren’t strange at all. Well…

        Anyway, who would want Fart Pie? πŸ˜‰ xx

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      • When my cousin started to learn German at school aged 14, he quickly started calling his father ‘Vater’ with the correct soft ‘F’ … it didn’t take long for him to shorten it to Fart. Inevitable and we found it hilarious, my Uncle – not so much!! xx

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      • I can imagine he wasn’t best pleased! I started learning German a week before my father left home. It wasn’t an amicable split and my mum called him Farter for quite some time after! xx


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