Tuesday Tunes 3

As week 3 of the UK lockdown begins, here I am again with my handy little counter to keep you abreast of the situation: you may have forgotten what day it is but at least you know that it is now the third week of our BC days (Boris Coronavirus, in case you’re wondering). And you also know that today is Tuesday, unless you’re catching up with this on a later day, in which case I apologise for confusing you completely.

Having given last week’s tunes a (very) loose theme, I thought I’d do that again. If you cast your mind back three months you may recall my annual round up post – That Was The Year That Was – in which I, in (I intended) rather tongue in cheek fashion, followed the growing trend for nominating a WOTY for my blog (Word Of The Year, for the uninitiated). Having given this a modicum of thought (maybe even two modicums) I had settled upon my WOTY: Whatever. Given that we’re now into the fourth month of the year I felt it was perhaps about time that I began to take this seriously (as if….whatever….) and post something for it. So today’s theme is ‘Whatever’ songs. You’ll probably be pleased to know that I’m sparing you the whiny Oasis song which has that one word title. The point of this series is, after all, to entertain and amuse you in these difficult times, or perhaps to get you thinking a little about what matters in life. Making you puke over Liam Gallagher’s nasal crooning isn’t on the agenda.

This week’s first song is from a band whose first incarnation began around 1967. They are still going today – give or take a few deaths in the ranks – and have somehow managed to make a very long career, having sold truck loads of singles and albums, by the simple trick of reworking the same tune ad infinitum (well, until the final extant member shuffles off to meet the immortal choir, anyway). I’d be happy to take a bet that very few with even just a passing interest in rock music won’t have heard of Status Quo: even their name is a clue to the fact that their tunes stay the same, after all. I jest, of course: I can tell their songs apart. Well, most of them (And for the avoidance of doubt I’ll just add that I love the Quo). As a ‘Whatever’ tune that rouses generations of dads to dance, this one really takes some beating:

My second tune for this week is very different. As a counterpart to the Quo’s rabble rousing, I’ve gone for a quiet, reflective piece which carries a message that I think is perfect for these troubled times. Many will know Gerry Rafferty from his massive hit Baker Street, but may not know much more of his catalogue of beautifully written songs. I was one of the few to buy his first solo album Can I Have My Money Back? in 1971. This album is notable for a delicate song called Mary Skeffington, which is about the abuse his mum used to suffer from his dad. Nearly 50 years on, I still can’t listen to it without a tear in my eye. If you don’t know it, do seek it out – you won’t regret it. The song I’m sharing today – Whatever’s Written In Your Heart – is also delicate and beautiful, and is so apposite for our quieter, more reflective moments. We are probably having more of those than normal, of late. This is a live performance which I feel really brings out the simple beauty and power of the song:

Whatever’s written in your heart, that’s all that matters.

So true.

Take care, be safe and keep well. More tunes next Tuesday…


19 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes 3

    • Thanks Robbie. I wouldn’t wish the illness on anyone, but at least it has given me the chance for once to agree with Johnson on his comments about the NHS. It’s just a shame that his party has been attacking it for years and wants to sell it to Trump’s buddies.

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  1. A good choice, a bit of fun with Status Quo and a song I had never heard, very soothing. Your choice for WOTY was rather prescient, when we have run out of things to say about the virus we can say Whatever…

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    • The Quo are always good for some entertainment, aren’t they? The Gerry Rafferty one is an album track, and has long been a favourite of mine. It is tucked away on City To City – the album that has THAT song on it 😉

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  2. Status Quo is a new group for me, but this song is precisely the kind of music I like. I found my foot getting busy to the beat. I also like the second one, but not quite as much. That’s the beauty of music—we all have different tastes. I never liked Baker Street, and it amazed me why that was such a popular song. Even when I don’t enjoy a track, I can usually understand why others might, (but not with that one).

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    • You’re so right: the world would be a very dull place if we all liked the same thing! You can be forgiven for not knowing of Status Quo, as they’ve only ever had one top 40 single in the US, and that was their first, back in 1968. You only have 33 albums to catch up on! They’ve been huge here and across Europe, and to a lesser extent in the Antipodes. They opened the UK end of Live Aid in 1985 with their song Rockin’ All Over The World, which is still played as the walk off music at one of my teams – Leyton Orient – if we’ve won 😊

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  3. I used to live next door to Debbie Ash when she was dating Rick Parfitt and Leslie (her sister for those that don’t remember) was dating Roman Atkinson. They honestly made the strangest double daters I have ever seen. I love a bit of Quo (who doesn’t) but it’s the Gerry Rafferty that speaks to me. Absolutely gorgeous choice. Thank you Clive! Xx

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    • That really is a weird pair of couples! Gerry Rafferty wrote some lovely songs: he is far more than just Baker Street. Do you know the song I mentioned in the piece? If not, I think you’ll like it too xx

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      • He’s always been around and about but I confess I haven’t really focussed on him. That is about to change. Great steer … this is one of the many things I rely on you for. Plus Boris Coronavirus …. love that. But you knew I would xx

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      • You have no idea how much I appreciate you, Clive. Even in the dark times, your posts on FB and other platforms (not Twitter – I’m allergic having over-indulged many years ago) kept me going xx

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      • Happy to be there for you in whatever way I can. I too rarely go near Twitter nowadays – a bad experience some years ago spoiled it and I’ve not really been interested since then. I link blog posts there, and Instagram too, but FB is where I spend most of my social media time these days xx

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    • You’re welcome! The Quo one is a head banging favourite of mine but the Gerry Rafferty one is really superb and, as you say, is perfect for reminding us what is important in life. I hope that one good thing that will come out of all this is that we will take time to reflect on what matters.

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