Ch-ch-changes Re-revisited

You may have noticed that I rely a lot on the Timehop app to fill in the ever-increasing gaps in my memory. Reliable as ever, it reminded me the other day of the original June 2016 post which I built into the one I’m sharing again today. A kind of ‘third time lucky,’ I guess. It speaks of two things which I believe are important, especially in these strange times in which we find ourselves.

The first message is that we benefit from ‘belonging.’ If you follow me on Twitter or on the Facebook page for this blog you will have seen the regular sharing of posts about the ‘Senior Salon.’ This began over four years ago and, as I say in the piece, has been an important part of my blogging life, as it has given me another outlet for my posts (which I badly need!) and has introduced me to some wonderful blogging friends. I think we all benefit from belonging to groups of one kind or another – they give us that interaction that we, as a naturally gregarious species, rely on. For those like me, who cannot get out much, the online group is a key part of our lives, and its importance cannot, in my view, be overstated. Happily, the post I wrote back in 2018 proved to be premature, and the Senior Salon reins were soon taken up by Esmé, who has been managing and expanding it since then. The latest weekly post can be found here if you’re interested. I hope you take a look – it is well-supported! And the link to Bernadette’s blog in the original post is also worth a view: she hasn’t posted for a couple of years, for personal reasons, but her Feminist Friday posts – in particular – were well-written, well-researched and enlightening.

The second carry out from my previous post is the importance that structure and routine can come to have in our lives. I’m not the most organised of people, so it helps me to develop a regular routine to keep me on track and, as the post shows, it is all too easy for that to be knocked out of kilter. In these pandemic days I would imagine that just about all of us have had to adjust to enforced changes to our routines. Some have probably been more successful at that than others! But we will have been adopting new ways of running our lives and, as lockdown begins to be relaxed, further changes are no doubt in the offing. Whatever they may be, we will be developing our ‘new normal’ to help us cope.

I hope you’re doing well, and can make any necessary adjustments to continue enjoying life, whatever it throws at us. Take care, stay safe. And there’s a great song to enjoy at the end of the original post, as a reward for getting there!

Take It Easy

Amongst today’s emails – just the usual hundred or so – was the regular Monday one from Bernadette announcing this week’s Senior Salon. It was a little different from the norm, however: Bernadette was giving us the sad news that it was to be the last Senior Salon. Looking back, I would guess that at least half of the blogs I read most often and, in particular, comment on, are those to which I was introduced by Bernadette. I understand perfectly why she feels the need to call a halt, and wish that I had the time and commitment to take it on for her – but, as you will have long-since recognised, I’m not the most organised or regular of bloggers! But I will always cherish those bloggers who, through our Senior Salon introduction, I now regard as friends – some have even joined me on Facebook, which is…

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17 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes Re-revisited

  1. The one thing I love about Senior Salon is everyone who posts their blog so I can read and feel like im sitting across from them in a coffee shop having a good old natter. I saw a post on Twitter of Esme one day…I think it was Sunday share or something like that over a couple of years ago. Then Senior Salon happened. I will read your post/link re Bernadette a bit later. #SeniSal

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    • I’ve ‘met’ many bloggers through the Salon, both in Bernadette’s time and since Esme took it on. I think I’ve been with it for well over four years in total, and it has introduced me to some good bloggers 😊

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  2. Thank you for reminding me of Bernadette’s Senior Salon. I learnt to post regularly because of her weekly event and I have kept that habit. I also cherish online friendships from groups like that and have a feeling that I know each person a little bit behind the scenes of blogging. I didn’t know that someone had taken over the reins after Bernadette. Thank you for letting us know.

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    • That’s the real spirit of blogging for me, Maria. We may never meet in real life but bloggers become our friends, even on Facebook, in some cases. It was sad that Bernadette had to give it up but Esmé has done a wonderful job with it. The link is in the post, so I hope you’ll drop in there 😊

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      • It’s ok when you get there, but you have to scroll down through the preamble and posts already shared before you get to the link to post. This week’s is now closed but the new one will be up and running at 10am our time on Monday. Hope you can make it 🤞

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      • Esmé has made some changes, including combining the round up from last week with the invitation to post for the new week, which makes for quite a long intro. As they say, patience is a virtue! Good luck 😊

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  3. I’ve never heard of he Timehop app, will check it out later today. Wonderful post from 2018 about the Senior Salon, which I will also be checking out.

    By the way, what did you think of Liverpool winning the Prenier League?

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