August & Everything, After

My first attempt at a round up of the previous month was well-received, so I though I’d inflict another on you. For me, August was a strange month in blogging terms: a regular pattern followed by what counts for me as a deluge in the final week. I hope you kept up!

My first post of August was that review:

July In Retrospect.

It has links to all of that month’s posts, in case you missed anything and are feeling distraught at having done so.

I then settled into my (now) regular routine of Tuesday Tunes posts, of which there were four – yes, August had four Tuesdays, if you hadn’t noticed. In chronological and numerical order, these were:

 Tuesday Tunes 20: Lockdown Music – Part 2

Snappy title, huh? I always knew that marketing degree would come in handy one day…

The rest of the month saw a return to more ‘normal’ titles, if anything I do can be classified that way. There were:

Tuesday Tunes 21: Growing Up

Tuesday Tunes 22: Disappointment

Tuesday Tunes 23: Happy

That last one had the strange result of attracting the fewest views and ‘likes’ of the August Tuesday Tunes posts, but also the most comments. Maybe I should have added some encouragement (sung, of course): ‘if you’re happy and you know it, like this post.’ Or maybe not – perhaps this series has run its course and it’s just the diehards left? I’ll see how it goes.

I then rounded off the month with two posts which showed – to me, at least – that I could occasionally write about something other than music. But music did feature in both: one day, I’ll write some words with no music! The first of these was an updated version of a post originally written four years ago, a reminiscence of my youth:

Born To Be Wild(ish) Revisited

As an additional bonus, that post included a link to a companion piece I wrote a few months earlier – they give each other some context:

Summer Of ‘69

I then rounded off my month with another reworking. This time, the original dated from 2013, and it seemed a reasonable bet that no one reading this drivel now would have been doing so back then – or would have forgotten, if they had:

You Go To School

That wasn’t one of my longer posts but it made some serious points, which are just as valid today as they were back then. And it contained a little music. Of course…

Do please tell me if this round up is useful, or if you’d rather not have been reminded of everything I’ve made you suffer in the previous month. Otherwise, there is always the danger that I’ll keep doing this.

Just saying…😉


14 thoughts on “August & Everything, After

  1. I’m usually there for most of your posts, but I like the month in review as sometimes something will slip through the cracks. You were busy this month. For me, that means I’m either in a good mood, or I’m stuck at home.

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    • I appreciate your support, Pete. As you say, one can always slip through, though. I had a busy week to end the month but otherwise that was about as much as I ever do! Both of those are good starting points for a post…

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  2. I like these roundups, that marketing degree is coming in handy.

    One thought is that perhaps the roundups could also include a simple reference to what artists/songs you showcased in each post. I think that would entice me to click back to listen to some of the songs I had enjoyed the first time you wrote the post…

    Have a great day, Clive!

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    • Thanks, Jim, but I’m not sure what WordPress are trying to do to me! I follow my own blog, to check that everything is working, and realised something was amiss when I didn’t get the email first time round!

      That’s a great idea, thank you. I’ll do that next time.

      You have great day too!

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    I posted this earlier today but for some reason WordPress think I posted it yesterday at 6.45pm, which has moved it way down the reader. So I’m trying it again in the hope they are now recognising today!


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