Tuesday Tunes 26: New Music – Part 2

This week, Tuesday Tunes is showcasing music videos for another five songs which have been released in the past six months, since lockdown/quarantine began. There will, however, be seven videos – you’ll see what I mean shortly. Again, as last week, these are ‘regular’ videos, as distinct from the home sessions or live streaming which have become our new norm in recent months. And as last week, these are all songs which are on new (or forthcoming) albums or which have been released as singles.

Question: what do you do if you haven’t released anything in fourteen years, apart from a live concert recording, a couple of compilations and a few collaborations, and you need to announce your return? Answer: hit people with an absolute belter of a track:

That is the title track from the Chicks’ latest album, which was released in July. To date the album has peaked at #3 in the US and #5 in the UK, and will hopefully continue to sell. Their previous three albums have all been US #1, and all five of their studio albums, including Gaslighter, have been #1 on the US Country Albums chart. You may have spotted their name change: this was an acknowledgement that their original name had connotations with which they felt uncomfortable. No doubt it was greeted with the same disapproval from the redneck morons who burned their CDs after Natalie Maines criticised President Bush, but as far as I know they haven’t been sent any death threats this time. In Trump’s America that is, I’d have thought, quite likely, but I hope it doesn’t happen. With over 6.6m video views in five months I think their fans are still with them!

I’ve said before that Walk Off The Earth (WOTE, for short) are my favourite videos band, so I just had to include their new single in this piece. My only problem was in choosing which video: typically, for them, their creativity has been at work and they have so far released three for this song! At the risk of overloading this post, I’m going to be self-indulgent and share all of them. Bear with me, there are some other tunes coming too! This lyric video, which features Sarah and Gianni’s son (the one with the very long, slightly darker hair) was the first:

There followed the ‘official’ video:

And just a few days ago, they gave us an A Capella version with some friends:

That one really highlights their harmonies, and is probably my favourite. They are all lovely though: I think it’s a really nice song with a message for us all to ponder: when did the simple things get so complicated?

Last week I shared one of the songs from Molly Tuttle’s new album of cover songs, But I’d Rather Be With You, which is a fabulous album. Back in May she also released a single of another cover, which was aimed at raising funds for the WhyHunger charity. Her voice is lovely, and she really does justice to one of my favourite Neil Young songs:

I think that is beautiful: it’s as if the song was written for her, and the video is powerful in conveying its message in support of a charity doing such good and, sadly, necessary work.

You may well have noticed that Old Crow Medicine Show (OCMS) are credited as featuring on that last track. They provided the musical backing and the harmony vocals, and it is their leader, Ketch Secor, who you can see on the video. OCMS and Molly share close links – I’m guessing they are friends, as they have collaborated before. Most recently this was on another charity single, this time OCMS’ one in support of disaster relief after the tornados that struck Nashville. Although the band aren’t Nashville natives they have mostly lived there for twenty years or so, and Ketch was moved to want to do something for the community of which he had become  part. This song is also rather good:

As he says on the song, that is now his home town, and the strength of feeling is clear. Did you also spot a rather serious looking Molly playing guitar with the band?

I hope both charity songs have raised some much needed funds – they deserve to.

The last song in this week’s mini-marathon is brand new, having only been released last Thursday, and having already achieved nearly 1.4m views. Not many could do that, except perhaps The Boss:

That is the lead and title track for Bruce’s new album, which is scheduled for release on 23rd October. I, for one, can’t wait – a new album from him is such an event and, judging from this first song, he and the E Street Band are on form!

That’s a wrap for this week’s bumper crop of tunes. Have fun listening to them – as usual, they are the fruits of my impeccable musical taste, and all songs come highly recommended. By me, anyway.

Have a good week, everyone. I’m off to try and decipher what the latest changes to the rules on socialising here in the UK mean for me, and for the plans I have been making to see daughters and granddaughter. Wish me luck! See you next time.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes 26: New Music – Part 2

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  2. Hi Clive –
    in order:
    1) the gaslighter song had some great vocals and the filming in the video fun – the history and costumes – and you are right – it was an “absolute belter of a track”
    2) you are right – such a great message – about “when did the simple things get so complicated?”
    and the handshake in the second vid (the official video) brought that unity smile!! The A Capella video was cool – I bet that warehouse helped with sound….
    3) oh wow – I did not know that neil young song before this but she sure nailed it – and what a great outreach to support that charity
    4) also a nice outreach and so inspiring with “rise” and rebuild”
    5) loved the last video because you showed how cutting edge you can be are, Clive – giving your readers the cutting edge releases – ha! –
    and it was nice to see Bruce smile in so many parts of that video – and good for him for still making music – quite a legend

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    • Hi Yvette. As always thank you for reading! Glad you enjoyed them.

      For fans, like me, it’s great to have the Chicks back, and they appear to have lost nothing in their hiatus!

      The Neil Young song was originally on the CSN&Y album Deja Vu. Also on Decade, the compilation of his first ten years, and a version on his Unplugged album too. It suits his plaintive voice but I think Molly has elevated it to a new level. As you say, it’s a great cause. Same goes for the OCMS one too.

      I think you’re right on the acoustics: WOTE have used that warehouse before so I guess it suits them. Lovely song, great message.

      It’s good to be cutting edge, isn’t it, even though I’m 67 and Bruce is 70!

      Thanks for taking the trouble to read, watch and comment – I always enjoy what you have to say 😊


      • Thanks Clive and there was something so uplifting when WOTE was jamming in the warehouse later in that version of the song. It was “artists fully in their craft” and was tasty.

        And age is mind over matter – if we don’t mind it don’t matter (was that Satchel Paige)
        And I know there are times when she needs to be referenced – but sometimes it should not even be a factor (IMHO) for example – Toby Mac (Christian artist) still wears sneakers and the same hat and clothing look he wore when he was a youngen – and have talked about this with a friend – many folks might say he is too old for that look or his hip hop rap kind of genre! However – because he stayed doing what he did – stayed true to his passions and gifts – he carries the look perfectly – it is him – and also led him to making what I think is his best music ever – with his album “the Elements” —
        And many of his other albums only had one or two songs I’d enjoy (and had students that would sing his songs so many times I guess I associated it with a certain age)
        Anyhow – I feel that with Bruce – we need to not see “70” and instead just heat the artist!
        Oh Clive – you got me rambling again!
        But so often our culture has “ageism ” bias and we need to maybe all drop the lens of age and just “be”
        Let it not matter and just mind our passion and so what we do!

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      • I find ‘uplifting’ to be a good description of much of what WOTE do. Their own songs are beautifully crafted and their videos for those and covers are amazingly creative. They’ve been doing it for 8 or 9 years now, and still surprise me with them – especially as some of them are hugely ambitious one take jobs. They have a nice line in instrument throwing, too 😊

        I know exactly what you mean about age. I’ve not come across Toby but he sounds similar to Bruce, in that he has kept the style he has always had, rather than pander to those who say he’s ‘too old to wear that.’

        Having said that, I think there should be a mandatory retirement age for politicians. Well, orange ones, anyway 😉

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      • Hahaha / no comment on politics right now – lol
        And I think age to me is a little like times of not drinking – where we need to be open and honest if we are sober at a party (and not hold a glass of kombucha like my friend recently did) – we need to be out there modeling and celebrating we can have fun with lout getting tipsy!
        Similarly – I think we should be out there with our age and life stage – and not let it filter certain things –
        Anyhow – good day to you and thanks again for a fun music post! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

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  3. The Dixie Chicks in their new, politically correct name, and Bruce Springsteen, have become too polarized on politics for me to have any interest anymore. I’m all for advocacy, but too many things went unsaid during the previous administration, and too many things said during this one, for me to trust their motivations. The other groups were great.

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  4. Quite like the Chicks new song and am excited about the new Springsteen release. I loved his last album – he’s still got it all those years after the hype of Born to Run, which I think is the greatest album of all time – perhaps the hype was simply the truth🤔

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  5. To be honest, I’m more familiar with the Dixie Chicks story than their music. I need to expand my horizons to more country music since modern country crosses over to my preferred genre (rock). I love this track! I especially like the lyrics, and I admire anyone willing to stand up for their beliefs. As you stated, it’s quite likely that others will try to shut them down again for sharing their views. It is part of the hypocrisy that exists in America. Many people like to tout the benefits of the Constitution and Bill of Rights until it goes against their beliefs. Peaceful protesting seems to be fine unless it goes against someone’s principles. When in doubt, try to change their message into something it’s not. Ah, I needed to get that rant off my chest.

    Thanks for the other tunes, too. I got a kick out of the Black Sabbath reference.

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    • There are many country acts crossing over, so you have a lot to look forward to. Some of the oldies too: Poco, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, etc.

      Nothing wrong with the rant – I agree with you. I think there’s someone who calls anything he doesn’t like, or that disagrees with him, ‘fake news,’ isn’t there? That happens here too – we are being encouraged to be intolerant, totally against the grain of what our countries have always stood for.

      As for the Black Sabbath reference… if you mean the meme at the top, that is Ian Gillan of Deep Purple! Back to school for you, my boy 😂

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      • Of course, Deep Purple. I’m off my game today. What a classic riff! Keep your uninformed students in line, Clive. The Eagles are in the top three of my all-time favorite bands, and I own the Legend album from Poco. I always thought they were an underrated band.

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      • A riff which has been banned in many guitar shops, along with the opening to Stairway To Heaven – over-familiarity!

        I agree on Poco. I had several of their albums including that one and the obvious one: Rose Of Cimarron. The latter isn’t on Apple Music or iTunes, and CDs are in short supply. The band that gave the Eagles Meisner and Schmit – quite a recommendation! Also love the Eagles, unsurprisingly.

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  6. well of course I love the WOTE videos, it is hard to choose a favorite. And Bruce sounds wonderful as always – first time I’ve seen him wearing glasses. And I think I noticed him writing left-handed throughout the video, but at the very end, it looks like he is using his right hand…

    I also love Gaslighter – such great vocals, and a fun video.

    Molly does a great cover of a classic, and OCMS sounds great. I admire them for using their music to do good…

    great post, Clive…

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