What Now?

This post from five years ago popped up in my Timehop feed today. Some musings on history, and what we do and don’t learn from it: particularly relevant in current times, I think!

Two quick tips:

1. Don’t bother following the link to the post on Guy Fawkes – it was the history part of yesterday’s Bonfire Night Tunes post.

2. And don’t bother following the link to Samantha’s blog, as it is no longer there. I hope it wasn’t anything I said…

Take It Easy

Something happened on my blog yesterday which doesn’t happen every day: I got a new follower. This isn’t one of those mega blogs that aims to be a major player andwhich actually looksmore like a ‘proper’ website than a blog. This is just (not so) little old me with my thoughts. Every follower is someone who has made a conscious decision to do that – well, I hope they were conscious -and I appreciate each and every one. Likewise, every time someone reads what I write I am honoured that you have given a little of your time to me. So, new follower, welcome!

I don’t follow everyone back – I make the sameinformed choice that they have made. But I always look at their blog, as I liketo see the range of people who might be interested in my thoughts. Yesterday’s follower was one that made me think. Prompted…

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3 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. What’s the old quote from George Santayana? “Those who do not earn history are doomed to repeat it?” Yet, time and time again, we make the same mistakes. Humans are slow learners.

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