Icons And Lesser Icons Revisited

This is one of those posts that came up in my Timehop feed, and I’m rather glad that it did, as it gives me a second chance to remember the music and passing of Mike Taylor, of the band Walk Off The Earth (WOTE). I posted this two years ago today, and built it around my piece three years previously on the passing of David Bowie. Mike’s appearances in WOTE videos were always memorable and provided much of their humour, though they probably wouldn’t have given you much of an idea of how talented he was as a musician: his albums of piano music are lovely.

Any excuse for a reshowing of the video that started it all off for WOTE is worth taking, I think – combined views for this are now well past 200m. And there’s a little treat in there for anyone missing the tweets of the orange shitgibbon, going back to the days before he became a multiple time loser and had his main platform of abuse taken away.

But that aside, this is posted in memory of a man whose music and videos have given me a lot of enjoyment in the past eight years, and continue to do so. RIP Mike Taylor.

Take It Easy

Three years ago, almost to the day, I published a post titled Starman on the death of one of my musical icons. As many of you have started following me since then you may not have seen this before, so I thought I’d share it again. At the time I had intended to write a piece honouring the memory of one of the true greats of rock music and in a way I did. But it developed into one of my occasional rants. Take a look to see why, and I’ll return after to explain why this has become relevant for me again:

“Over the past two days I’ve been doing what I expect many have been doing: I’ve been playing David Bowie songs and reminding myself just what made him such a special musician. I also spent a lot of Monday watching the TV news and the various tribute…

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10 thoughts on “Icons And Lesser Icons Revisited

  1. I remember reading and commenting on this post before. I don’t remember if it was you or Jim who introduced me to WOTE, but I didn’t know about them until a couple of years ago.. (What planet do you live on Springer?) Considering the number of views their videos have, I was somewhat embarrassed. One day I spent two hours watching some of their videos. I seldom like a cover more than the original, but in this case I often prefer the WOTE versions. Their creativity amazes me, but they are fantastic musicians as well. I think this is till my favorite video of WOTE.

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    • Thanks, Pete – yes, I remember pointing you at this one for the Beard Guy story.

      I’m pretty sure it would have been Jim who gets the credit for that, as you’ve been following his blog for longer. Either way, WOTE are worth finding!

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      • You have made me explore their work even further, Clive. Especially all those wonderful Christmas songs that they have…

        I just watched, again, the video where they played a mashup of many Beatles hits – what an amazing video…

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      • Glad to have helped! That one is incredible, isn’t it. I found one last night I’d not seen before: a crowd video from a live show in Holland, where they did Bohemian Rhapsody – kind of. The sound quality is awful, but just about good enough to give you an idea: they start it off, then leave Beard Guy to play the piano accompaniment to the crowd singing the lyrics.


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