An Apology

Hi everyone. Some of you may have noticed my absence from liking and commenting on your posts for the past couple of days. This is because I was taken into hospital yesterday, for a recurrence of a condition which has affected me for the past seven years. It isn’t serious or life-threatening, so please don’t worry on my behalf! Hopefully I’ll be back home soon and what I claim to be normal service will resume.

My problem in here is that there is no wi-fi, so I’m having to use mobile data on my iPhone, which is a bit restrictive! It means I can’t use the iPad to type posts, and my short fat fingers aren’t really suited to the iPhone’s keyboard. It looks as though I’m going to be here for a week or so, and will only be able to post after being released – which means there won’t be a Tuesday Tunes this coming week. I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause, but I’m sure you understand.

I hope to see you again soon. Until then, take care 😊

55 thoughts on “An Apology

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  2. I’m sorry to hear the news of you being in hospital, Clive. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    However, please never feel you have to apologise for not visiting, reading and leaving comments on blogs. Your health is far more important than visiting somebodies blog. Never feel obliged to do that.
    I’m sure your readers are far more concerned with you getting better than visiting their blogs.
    Take good care.

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  3. Don’t you dare apologize, Clive!!! We love you and yes, we miss you, but your well-being is far more important that blogosphere!!! You take care of you and feel better soon. Sending you HUGE HUGS and lots of love! 💖

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  4. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully the week at the hospital will do the trick.

    Perhaps you will come up with a Tuesday Tunes related to your hospital stay 🙂

    Will you be able to see Ted Lasso?

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