Odds And Sods

“Deals in junk….talks a load of rubbish.”

I often try to give you some light-hearted videos for a weekend post, hence things like Saturday Smiles, which is really due a return! This week I saw several videos on YouTube which have been posted in the past couple of weeks and I thought they would make a diverting little selection. I thought about calling them a ‘cornucopia,’ or possibly a ‘pot pourri,’ but in the end I went for something more in keeping with my usual style, as you can see from the title. Looking at these, I think three of them do fit into the Saturday Smiles category, one is a heartwarming good news story, another is an intriguing little piece from the TV channel here which isn’t known for its highbrow content and there is, of course, a little music for you in the final one.

Let’s start with the heart warmer. I am unashamedly sharing this as it is about my football team, which is how I found it in the first place:

There is a slightly more complete version of this on the Spurs page, but it isn’t allowed for embedding. This gives you the gist, though, and I can confirm that Ryley did indeed take his penalty at half time in the recent game against our hated North London rivals, and scored against a Tottenham legend, Pat Jennings. I don’t know if it will work, but this is the link to the official video, which gives you the full story. Spurs won the game 3-0 and, thanks to Arsenal going all Arse-y in their next match, have turned a four point deficit into a two point advantage heading into the season’s final games tomorrow. We ‘only’ need to draw with the bottom club in the league to qualify for next season’s Champions League, and I really hope Ryley inspires the team on – it would be so Spursey for us to blow it, though!

This next one is the first of the three Saturday Smiles for today. Politicians always make good targets, I think, and this makes its points well:

Those of you who know my sense of humour well probably won’t be surprised to hear that my favourite part of that is the first Donald Trump clip. The Joe people have done a great many of these videos, and I’ve shared them before. So much time and effort must go into these, but they are a very entertaining way of making serious points and long may that continue. In case anyone didn’t know it, the tune was Boney M’s Rasputin – I think I prefer this to the original (not difficult, really).

This next one is a brief clip from the satirical panel show Mock The Week. The BBC does a good job in sharing these snippets from earlier series of the show, and this one was posted this week:

Not that anyone could possibly accuse the BBC of being anything other than neutral (well, actually, loads of people do), but it just so happens that one of the issues currently plaguing our government, as it continues to wallow in its huge vat of incompetence, is the humongous backlog of driving licences waiting to be issued. But, as I say, the timing of this reissued clip is purely coincidental. Isn’t it…?

The BBC also has a long track record in great sitcoms, going back as far as I can remember since we first had a TV – Hancock’s Half Hour, Steptoe And Son, etc. This is from a more recent one, The Vicar Of Dibley:

If asked to name a clip from that show I expect many would mention the puddle incident. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll find it here. The show was first broadcast in 1994 and had three series and a couple of specials up to 2000, and has had several more specials and charity show versions since then. There were only sixteen episodes in the original run, and a total of thirty one altogether. I always felt it deserved to have had more, but it enjoyed huge success in its lifetime: it received loads of British Comedy Awards, two International Emmys, and was a multiple British Academy Television Awards nominee. In 2004, it placed third in a BBC poll of Britain’s Best Sitcoms, behind Only Fools And Horses and Blackadder. Two future possibilities for me there, I think.

I mentioned at the outset that I would be sharing a news clip from one of our national broadcasters. That company is Channel 5, and as you watch this try to spot the clues in the voiceover that back up the widely held view here that the channel is deliberately dumbed down to match its audience:

I know there is a serious story underlying that, but I just find it hilarious. Being part of that age group perhaps I should be worried, but as I am long term single I will probably be alright. Now, can anyone show me how to put a prophylactic on an avocado? Asking for a friend…

I wouldn’t be being myself if I didn’t include a tune in this selection (I don’t count Boney M!). A couple of weeks ago, in my post New Music, I played a track from the new album by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dirt Does Dylan. The album is now out, and is great. This week a new video was published for another of the tracks, and as it is very good I thought I’d close this little piece with it:

Dylan’s original version of Country Pie is on his Nashville Skyline album, and clocks in at a mere 1’37”. I think the NGDB have done a great job in rounding it out and I love the video, which typifies what music should be: fun. I looked the song up, and it is far from being one of his most-covered, though I was intrigued to see that two of the covers were by British bands: one of my favourite folk-rock bands – Fairport Convention – have done a live version, and one of our early prog-rock bands – The Nice – turned it into a six minute epic. Weird, or what? Just to add to the weirdness, the two main schools of thought on the song’s meaning are that it is about that American staple – pie – or that the word is a euphemism for sex. After all, it does mention cherries…

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you again on Tuesday 👍


44 thoughts on “Odds And Sods

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  2. I made it back!
    The nitty gritty dirt band does put the fun into that country our song
    And I clicked the link to check out the The Vicar Of Dibley puddle clip and it was funny!!

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  3. What a crazy mix of videos. The first was quite emotional and heart warming. The Putin one was quite disturbing and doesn’t do justice to his stupidity and the inadequacy of Biden, Johnson and other world leaders. Re the STI video, I despair at the crap Channel 5 churns out. I have to say I enjoyed the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band version of Country Pie. I confess to having The Nice’s version on vinyl which I actually quite like.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s why I gave it that title! The only link was that they had all been published in the past fortnight. I’m pleased that little Ryley can be happy with his team tonight – as am I! The Putin video was, I think, a brave choice by the Joe people but they made their points well. I thought I was quite restrained in my comments about Channel 5…

      That NGBD version is good, and I prefer it to the original. As for The Nice, I’ll pass, thanks 😂

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  4. The first one … a beautiful story … brought a tear. All the ones that came after brought much-needed laughter!!! I actually laughed aloud when the lady who was objecting to the wedding realized she had the wrong wedding! Thank you for a bit of weekend humour, Clive!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a lovely story, isn’t it, and made even more special for me by being my team. I hope Ryley and I will be happy around 6pm today, if all goes well with the game.

      Glad you enjoyed the funnies too. That one you mention was written by Richard Curtis, who wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral, and also Love Actually. Hope your weekend is going well 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed it is! So, did your team win today? I had my fingers crossed for you.

        I’ve heard of, but never seen Four Weddings and a Funeral, but if it’s as funny as that clip was, maybe I’ll watch it! Weekend was nice and peaceful inside, albeit stormy outside. I always look forward to weekends, for daughter Chris is home and that’s always a treat, but I’m a creature of routine, so by the time Monday rolls around, I’m ready to get back into the daily grind.

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      • Thank you, the finger crossing worked: we won 5-0!

        Be careful with Four Weddings. Richard Curtis wrote the original British movie, which is very funny, but I’ve also recently seen an American tv series with the same title on one of the streaming services. I haven’t watched it, but the movie is highly recommended. Glad you had a good weekend too 😊

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      • It was a good end to the season. We had a dreadful start, then got in a new manager in November who has made us a much better team. Looking forward to next season now!

        Hope you find it and enjoy it. It’s a classic of modern British cinema comedy, with an American playing one of the lead roles.

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  5. A good wide ranging selection; Spurs. Ah, Spurs- I understand. They do tend to flatter to deceive. Razzputin- a decent pisstake. ‘Mock The Weak’ (that is a great show for one-liners is it not? ”living in a non-parallel parking universe.’ The Vicar- well, Alice did light up a room, albeit dimly. Channel 5- sterling handiwork- lets give ’em a clap, eh? Country Pie is a sweet treat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tried for some variety! Keeping everything crossed for tomorrow. The Joe people do those very well, and then two BBC shows are both good though in different ways. Glad you enjoyed them 😊

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  6. Ooh you choked me up with that Ryley story, I can just imagine how touching that moment was when he did the penalty kick!
    Then I go from a lump in my throat to laughing at your other clips, Oh gosh!
    Good song to end with. Happy weekend to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a wonderful story, isn’t it. I wish I could have shown the clip of him taking the penalty at the match, but as I said the club doesn’t allow sharing. It was a real lump in the throat moment, and the crowd were so supportive of him, then they put ‘Goal’ and ‘Riley’ up on the giant screen. Lovely.

      Drop in again whenever you like 😊

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