Time To Talk

Back in November I told you about my pledge to the Time To Change initiative, and why I had done this. At risk of repeating myself, I began blogging to share my experience of depression, in the hope that it would help others. If you want to know more about this – it’s a riveting read! – just click on About Me or My Story in the menu bar at the top of the site. It is now time for some action!

Today has been designated Time To Talk Day by the Time To Change people, the idea being that as many people as possible make the effort to spend 5 minutes talking about mental health, either directly with someone who may be in need of support or just needs to understand better what this can mean to people, or by other means. This is my way: by sharing some links and information with you I hope it will encourage to you to become better informed about mental health issues. And while you’re doing so, why not sign up to the Pledge Wall?

Time To Change have produced a short advert to show how easy it can be to start a conversation, and how it can be appreciated. Take a look:

And if you want to see the effects of not being able to talk, there is a story in today’s paper about Clark Carlisle, the footballer. Clark is an intelligent man who has developed a career beyond the football pitch – appearing on Countdown, as a football pundit, working for the Professional Footballers’ Association…. Here’s what the Daily Telegraph says. It is so sad that someone who is good at communicating cannot bring himself to talk about his illness and attempts suicide as a way out. It is to be hoped that he stays positive, as he says he now is, and continues to talk about his own situation to help himself and others. He would make a very good ambassador for Time To Change!

I hope you can find 5 minutes today to talk about mental health – however you do it is fine. And I hope you’ll follow the links I’ve given you to find out more.

Thanks for reading.